Collectors Wish List for Professions


I feel it’s time again to post something about collecting stuff. Today I’d like to talk about professions and give you some ideas on what should be changed or fixed.

● Add back WoD recipes for removed items in Shadowlands. Blizzard said they will add it back, but nothing was added yet.

● Allow Legion patterns to be farmable in normal mode dungeons. One chance per week for a recipe with low drop rate is frustrating. Many of us are farming those recipes for months before we either get them or just give up completely.

● Recipes from Legion RBGs are not dropping since Legion ended. I think this is oversight and should be fixed to drop in the current RBGs.

● Boon of the Builder enchant shouldn’t stop working at/above level 45, it makes some engineering schematics from Legion unobtainable for anyone with higher level than 45.

● Please don’t show us other faction recipes or unobtainable recipes in unlearned tab.

● Some recipes can only be learned by certain classes. It’s frustrating when your scribe can’t learn a glyph recipe for no real reason. Make the recipe available to anybody, and the glyph itself can be class-locked.

● Dungeon and raid crafting materials from BfA (Expulsom, Hydrocore, Sanguicell, Tidalcore, Breath of Bwonsamdi) shouldn’t be BoP anymore. Make it BoA at least, it won’t hurt anyone. This would make farming way more nicer when you could farm with your main and craft some transmog items on your alts.
● Or just make all old profession crafting materials either BoE or BoA to help make farming easier.

● Remove daily cooldowns on old recipes. This is only boring and makes you to wait forever to craft some older items.

● Please re-add old vanilla materials that no longer drop but can still be used to craft items, such as “Dreamscale”.

● Don’t make old crafted gear BoP, especially for leatherworkers. You’ll never be able to learn transmog from both the mail and leather gear that can be crafted on the same character.

I hope you like those suggestions and ideas. Feel free to leave your opinion or write some other things you’d like to be fixed, added or reworked in the future.


All the suggestions are very close to my heart, thank you for the post!

Please don’t show us other faction recipes or unobtainable recipes in unlearned tab.

I think I’d prefer it if there were no unobtainable recipes: they’ve already added back several of them - I was very excited to meet the Time-Lost Trader after obtaining my Tailoring tools of the trade in BfA and now there are patterns that can be bought with Timewarped Badges. Whereas I do still have my fingers crossed that more patterns get added back, I do agree that while they’re still unobtainable, they should not show up in the unlearned tab.

Some recipes can only be learned by certain classes. It’s frustrating when your scribe can’t learn a glyph recipe for no real reason. Make the recipe available to anybody, and the glyph itself can be class-locked.

Couldn’t agree more - glyph recipes are one example, but many of the engineering schematics from Sunwell require you to have engineers of several different classes as well.

As an additional point - I’d like to add BoP world drop recipes such as Wicked Mithril Blade and Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing to the list of improvements. If they absolutely must remain BoP then please at least make such recipes drop only for characters with the relevant profession. Having to vendor them when I know that my BS or JC still need to learn them feels awful.


Profession Based Thoughts:

Recipes that are locked behind high reputations, paragon boxes, etc. should be either BoE or BoA (and lootable without the profession). There’s SO MANY glyph recipes my scribe is missing because they’re from things like Storm’s Wake, the Bee Event, Paragon Boxes, etc. And to be blunt, I don’t want to grind that rep again on an alt just for a recipe that isn’t for my benefit - but for others. This is actually one of the reasons the glyphs cost so much - they only drop for the scribe and they have high requirements.

I had every recipe possible except one at the end of Legion - the Glyph of Dark Absolution from Seat of the Triumvirate. So to end up in 2 expansions having that list multiply immensely hurts.

The crafting enchant from BFA really should be made a baseline enchant that works for all expansions. When I had to craft a ton of Stone Soup for the Glimmers, I just tabbed out and did other stuff cause it took forever to craft.

On that note - is there a reason there’s still a craft time to craft? Some items have instant craft times, some have 10 second, there’s no rhyme or reason for it. I get it’s “unrealistic” if it was instant, but no more unrealistic than carrying around 100+ Chestpieces in my backpack.


Great suggestions! I haven’t got that much more new to add, I’d mostly just be echoing everything that’s already been said.

But I would like to propose that recipes should be collected account-wide.

It’s pretty frustrating to have crafting professions on alts when they’re going to have to grind for all the recipes all over. Some of them take a while to get, too. I’m actually fine with recipes being class-specific, but only if anyone can learn them and then have alts that can benefit from those recipes later on.

One could argue that “if you can craft it on one character, do you really need to craft it on another?”, to which I’ll say, “what is the point on having the profession on another character if you can do that, then?”

It doesn’t really have to be unlocked automatically account-wide, either. Perhaps all learned recipes could simply appear on the trainers, and alts can spend a little gold to learn all the recipes from the trainers. Or vendors, for that matter.


They really need to make professions worth it especially now as I think like 90% of the PvPers I know have zero professions or even just stopped leveling it entirely because it became irrelevant to PvP. They need to bring back those insane Engineering trinkets that actually make a difference for things like PvP. I think people outside rated are actually unaware of alot of the things that currently come out per expansion. I remember using the Uberspanner against someone trying to gank me and it spawned the bombs and killed them and they whispered calling me a hacker. you have awesome items be super fun and they a new expansion comes out and they totally remove or put a level cap on something which ruins it. my biggest wish for them to get over throwing away old stuff so people are forced to use the new things.


I’m glad you mentioned this. I wish they would make the tailoring bandages (RIP first aid) at least scale with health pool percentage so that it could be potentially viable as an active skill. The rest of it is just auction house money. I want to feel “good” about crafting useful gear for myself and others again


Remember when tailoring had nets for rooting people and leatherworking had flags( I think it was LW) all stuff that has been forgotten about


Honestly agree with most of your suggestions but this one the most. It’s tilting having to learn and level up LW on multiple toons because of the BOP on some of the older recipes.


Minor suggestion, as most collectors tend to use addons, I think? But it’s still a suggestion: would it be possible to remove ‘Coilskar chest’ as the listed in-game source for BC world drop recipes? It’s pretty weird for basically all 3rd party sources to be more correct than the in-game info about unlearned pattern sources. Not saying that they cannot drop from Coilskar chests, but they’re definitely not the main source.

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