Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

No you really can’t. Not when the tier pieces specifically say which slots give you the bonus and Blizz specifically says what slots give the bonus and a decade of tier gear establishes what slots gave the bonus. :woman_shrugging:t4:

To finish the outfit and reforge stats. Why couldn’t you look at the tier pieces and read which ones gave the bonus?

The blue posts on this website ARE official source. And they specifically told you what slots create tier.

No one is making fun of you.

The screen specifically shows you what you’re getting. The loot table in game specifically shows you which pieces have set bonuses.

The wording was specific about which slots carry the set bonus.

Of course not. It just shows you the piece that matches the set with those specific stats on it. There’s no set bonus.


Maybe learn to pay attention before clicking away lol. Just because something can be used to make tier doesn’t mean it’s only used to make tier lol. No one is making fun of you from customer support nice try. Saying things like that and then calling all of us rejects lol what a world we live in


They must have updated it since Last week when I looked lol Either way any gear should go inside the creation machine and pop out borrowed power.

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So this is also the machine that gives you tier gear that’s not tier gear?

Why is there tier gear that’s not tier gear?

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All the people saying “you should have read up on it” don’t understand that a game should have everything you need to know about the system built into the game, as an explanation or quest.

You shouldn’t need to read up on a feature in a game to be able to use it properly.

I haven’t used this system yet but I’m seeing lots of complaints.


This has always been in the blue post:

Again, to finish the full outfit and reforge stats on a piece.


It’s the set items, aka. the stuff that completes the appearance set.


Thallia, we get it… you understand it. Ok Ok… some of us dont have time to read every blue post and made a mistake. It does happen. and clearly it has happened to MANY people so it isnt an anomaly.

We get you can link all the evidence of what we should have understood, but it doesn’t change that we still didn’t understand. Just cool it.


OK, but if they’re part of the tier set, why not make them part of the tier set and count towards piece count?

And so many questions about the locked in secondaries.

Narcisim blinds people sometimes.

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Cool what? I’m providing information. I haven’t once been snarky or condescending to anyone.


You do realize that this:

At a base level, how it works is you input a piece of Season 3 gear and a corresponding tier set piece will be made with a matching item level. The useable items can be Season 3 gear from raids, Mythic+, PvP, World Boss Antros, or items purchased with Sandworn Relics from Rafiq in Pilgrim’s Grace, Zereth Mortis. The applicable slots are helms, shoulders, cloaks, chests, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, and boots. Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.

The Creation Catalyst can transform one item per week, but it can store up these charges so that if you miss a week you’ll be able to create two set pieces the following week, and alts or players who come along later in the Season may be able to create an entire set if they have the Flux for it.

The Catalyst will use the Cosmic Flux currency that is earned from a wide variety of activities in the game. The costs for the different item slots are:

  • Bracers and Cloaks: 600
  • Belts and Boots: 800
  • Gloves and Shoulders: 1200
  • Chests, Helms, and Legs: 1500

Their note about the limitations on what will get borrowed power was hidden in the text and not emphasized like proper digital content should do. They specifically intended this sort of thing to happen to people. Thank goodness I have no gear to do it to lol but it sucks how misleading this is for people who have legendaries already and need to plan out their wardrobe for borrowed power.

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Well, if you didn’t understand then you’re the only one at fault here.

There were SO MANY sources, including several OFFICIAL sources, that explained this in a way that even a toddler would understand with ease. If you didn’t stay caught up, it’s entirely on you.


As much as I feel that they have adequate warning, I feel like being able to use a charge for non tier is horrible design. I would have bet my net worth that many people would make this mistake. You need to make things completely idiot proof. I mean… they have multiple warnings on large industrial spinning blades not to stick your fingers in it…blizzard should have made you climb through hoops to be able to use a charge for non tier.

Edit: or give you a way to undo the change like when you buy an item from a vendor.

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When you craft the item it says if you’ll have a tier bonus, there’s just no excuse


See what I did there, I made it more emphasized lol than the Original Blue Post. I italicized it - that in itself could have gotten people to look and pause more. Because posts that are mountains of text legit are not scannable for digital media.

Because tier doesn’t have set bonuses on those pieces. The catalyst changes it into existing pieces that drop. The existing pieces that drop have a set bonus on head, shoulders, chest, gloves and legs. That’s it.

If you look at the set bonus in game in the loot table, it specifically tells you what pieces give the set bonus.

I haven’t once been nasty to anyone in here. Your insults are unwarranted.

It’s not hidden. It’s right there. And it’s right there in game, as well. The Catalyst screen shows you what you get. The loot table in game shows you what you get.

It’s not. People that already have their 4 set now get to create the rest of the pieces for stats or transmog.

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Thanks for posting that. You made a difference.

This is how I feel.

and this is what confused me. I thought they all would become tier set. Why do I have to read 3rd party sites or blue posts to understand this completely?


You don’t need to read a third party website or blue posts. That’s totally on you to read when you upgrade your stuff. Lmfao.


I read it like you. All the blue post needed was more emphasis on a crucial Note which IMO did a lot of harm for folks just trying to enjoy the game. I got you.