Closing Some Transfers Soon

I agree with this I picked EF for reason. Knowing the pros and cons of a medium server

They did warn it would be closed without notice. If you knew people couldnt be on until the weekend then probably shouldnt have moved the guild.

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wowclassicpopulation . com/activity?dateFrom=2020-04-01&realm=4729_Netherwind

The best numbers, sorry can’t post full links but I’m sure you can figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

look at all the BRM campers from horde b****ng lmao “but muh [10v1] pvp!” lmao


Earthfury had an actual community, a medium server with people who actual knew each other… Now there are 30 new raiding guilds in the span of a couple of days and the server economy is RUINED. Months and months of gametime down the drain . THANKS BLIZZARD FOR RUINING ANOTHER SERVER AND MAKING ANOTHER HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT DECISION!


I am very glad the transfers are ending at least. That is the only positive thing here for Earthfury residents.

Any plans to close transfers to servers like Grobb? Which are currently being overran with transfers cuz the toilet paper horders think anything less than a server with queues are dead servers?

Sure wish I was a Billion Dollar company and could keep messing up the best thing they have going “Classic”… You probably should fire everyone and start over on your team… Paid+Free Transfers were never going to fix the issue, you are growing the #FRESH community.

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Which would temporarily fix some of these problems.

Erro when u try transfer LOL

How about just shutting off paid transfers for all servers during this quarantine mess?

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Welcome to what Earthfury has been going through. We were a normal server. Yes a bit dysfunctional and a bit dad but we had a decent server. Now we have been overrun be these mega-server dwellers. Guilds that have completed destroyed our economy AND monopolized world bosses OVER NIGHT!


No reason to blame the guilds, blame Blizzard for giving us this revolving door… Paid and Free transfers are going to ruin any server over time. People are going to find the “Mega” server and jump. Just wait 60-90 days for the next server to be destroyed like Earthfury…


Closed without notice when the target realm is full. It just hit high yesterday.

Too late for Incendius, your lazy solution has basically decimated the Horde population. I have always been one to give Blizz the benefit of the doubt but you took the lazy way out and ruined the server that i have played on since day one of classic…


While I think that would be fantastic, that’s also info that directly impacts their stock price that they aren’t required to disclose, so that’s never going to happen.

OG incendius horde was mostly a dad server too, and most of what you got are the OG guilds. Sorry if you got the toxic alliance clowns.

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Yea but blizz has that all janky too. It’s something about a snapshot of server pop from last week, reset, or some convoluted crap that only makes sense when you realize blizz is purposely muddying the waters to milk transfer money.

Refuse to stop taking peoples money to screw over Incendius,

Open up unlimited free xfers AGAIN that have already historicaly caused both the realm you had them open from and the realm(s) they were transfering too become incredibly one sided.

Close transfers for the faction that bailed with what 20 minute notice? And then finally close paid transfers to the servers that were once full, but really aren’t anymore because you let them turn into PVE servers with free transfers for the second time in classic.

Blizzard really is just a bad company that has no idea what they are doing and does not care for their customers at all.


Dad server indeed! The hostile takeover wasn’t even hard because of how pleb most of this server is.