Closing Free Character Moves to Heartseeker

Tomorrow, October 2, at approximately 11:00 a.m. PDT, we will close the free character move service for the two realms that have had free character moves to Heartseeker.

If you have been looking to move from Faerlina or Stalagg to Heartseeker, we suggest you use the free character move service as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Why don’t you use that time stamp function anymore that makes the time change depending on which time zone the reader is in?


Does this mean the transfers from the other select realms to Heartseeker will remain open?


Yeah also confused here. I count ten realms with free transfers open to Heartseeker.

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yeah please remind the alliance to transfer off these servers before its too late. can we get a blue post on what you’re going to do about faction imbalance


I appreciate getting an update on this.

That said, as others have mentioned there are more than two realms xfering to Heartseeker. Are xfers from Faer and Stal the only ones closing?

Will there be any forth coming information on population balances for PvP realms?

You don’t have to provide any solutions, I’d simply like to know if this is even a current consideration before launching a phase dedicated to WPvP.

GMs directed me to the forum for this query, yet I haven’t seen any responses forthcoming.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Counter point, What about the massive imbalance on Heartseeker? Not that either one is good, but you could avoid making both bad things by going to Earthfury instead!


It would help for more Horde to xfer, but why Earthfury? Isn’t it skewed toward Horde atm? Would Horde xfers to HS not help more?

However, Heartseeker is already High pop. Thus it is having xfers closed, and even faction-specific xfers would negatively impact the total population. It seems the balance is not a consideration whatsoever, simply reduction of queues.

I was expecting more allience to be running from the imbalance that is Stalagg. Yes more horde would be wonderful. my commenet was more at Ken asking for more ally when its already rather lopsided for them. I get wanting to avoid that, but also I want to avoid it as a horde lol

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Ah, I took

as sarcasm.

But 100%, Ally shouldn’t be xfering to Heartseeker. I do sympathize with the desire to escape Stal. It’s a difficult problem being that Ally are encouraged to xfer due to the imbalance against them, but said xfer exacerbates the imbalance on both servers. I fully agree Ally xfers to Earthfury would be more optimal than HS though.

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Free transfers ruined all the population imbalances on every server. You should let Alliance be able to transfer into servers that have a big imbalance.


I just like watching everyone squirm. There’s a reason I waited a few days to choose my realm…


Can you just keep Horde-only transfers open? This server is miserably unbalanced.


I would suggest allowing the dominant factions on imbalanced servers to transfer to servers with inverse faction imbalance. Then again, it’s apparent that server transfers were a bad idea to begin with. Maybe my suggestion could lead to even more problems. What do you guys think?


What will be done about the terrible imbalance in heartseeker? I’ve entirely given up on questing. It’s just not a viable option as horde on this server.


Alliance have been xferring there because they all xferred off their previous realm where they couldn’t get groups anymore.

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Most definitely, the balance issues will negatively impact both factions and warrant being addressed. I fully sympathize and understand why ally xfered to HS.

My entire guild took the free transfer from Sulfuras to Heartseeker and it was a huge mistake. There are so many level 60 geared allies on this server you can’t get any quests done or get into instances.

I would recommend you stay where you are. Long queues and hard to find quest items are the least of your worries if you are horde going to heartseeker.

Don’t believe me? Ask the toxic horde community on heartseeker in general.


I also took the free transfer to Heartseeker and am super frustrated. The high level Alliance camp and group up in Horde questing areas and repeated gank everyone around. At this rate I am NEVER going to make it to 60! I wish I would have stayed on my old server!