I see you completely ignored the rest of my post.


Well played, sir. Well played.

Can’t help but ignore the parts that don’t even matter. That addon wasn’t used, and if it was it would’ve been broken. Your opinion isn’t facts.

Whats funny about all these posts is I would never had known about this add on if people hadn’t made them. I was able to find it and download / install it so thank you.


Then why wasn’t it? The Blizzard API allowed it. It’s not my fault you want to put your fingers in your ears and go “lalalalalalalalalalala”


Oh look…another case of “I can’t buy my view in a thread with many posts so here I must create a new one so my views are at the top!!!”

Stop. No one cares what YOU think.

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It wouldn’t have been broken. It works by posting messages in a channel

You would need to make making custom channels impossible to ban it. Its that simple

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Because Blizz, like the majority of the playerbase, ignored it because it didn’t matter and wasn’t widespread. There’s plenty of addon’s that Blizzard would break, but don’t really care until they get popular. That’s life bud.

Where is your proof of this? Right, there is none.


That Blizzard breaks popular addons? You can’t be serious.

No, the proof that Blizz ignored it.


Blizzard is going to break the addon 100%

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Blizzard said they can’t break it without breaking a lot of other things.

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Because it exists, but wasn’t broken because it wasn’t widespread and thus had 0 affect on the game. This isn’t hard.

Maybe you should’ve taken that door while you had the chance.

Guess they going to start smashing then

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You keep saying things with nothing to back it up.

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The LFG addon uses no new functionality that was not the Classic Addon API
The LFG addon would not have been broken in Classic
Nobody in Classic would have complained about the addon.
The addon is fine and all these threads ‘complaining’ about it are advertisements for it hoping that by getting the word out people will donate to the addon project.


Not possible to. It works by sending text to a channel and then interpreting that text back. Its hilariously low-tech

To break it, you’d have to break custom channels. That’s how simple it is

Do you want me to go down the list of popular addons that Blizzard broke? I can do that, but it’d take a while.

I’m asking for proof of your statements that Blizz ignored the addon.