I’ll give you an example: nudity addons that Blizzard didn’t break until Legion I think. Those existed since Vanilla.

one issue I have with the addon is that it tries to define you as tank/heal/dps based on how many talent points you have in each tree. most people will level as dps. you can tank or heal a 5 man just fine.

either way, I want complete privacy of my talents. in retail wow everyone can see your talents and ive had 12 year old zoomers honk at me and try to tell me how to play. spare me pls

that said, the addon only sees your talents if you use the addon yourself


Everything I listed falls under the “if they wanted to have that thing, they’d have added it.” The reason players were given access to the API is so we could add functionality that wasn’t default. Some of these things were later broken like Decursive, because it was only a matter of time until a mod that did far more became widespread (and they existed, literally allowing players to one-button mash their entire optimal rotation or instant CC in PvP without effort).

You’re going to have to do better than that.

I Leveled in BfA then real life took over, I play lower level characters right now and I’m waiting for Classic.
I did keys in Legion no problem without any sort of addon. OQueue etc. were used by many and many thought that was the only way to get groups and it was stupid as it was a crap addon.
Sorry but I don’t need a special group addon to get groups, I need to be me and be good at what I play and then I get groups usually from guild or friends list.

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It doesn’t undermine fundamental interaction. You having a boss mod doesn’t impact the basic way people communicate or interact with each other in the game.

Here’s a great forum post on Blizzard breaking certain addons:

I guess my point (which you made,) is, it’s anecdotal. Just like stardudes.

there’s nothing wrong with this addon. These people are just a bunch of drama queens.


You know as well as me that they won’t go back to 1.12 API, if they’re insisting on using all the bells and whistles from retail.

Thank you for the post though. MVPs aren’t really sources unfortunately.

Neither does this add-on. You’re still supplying a chat channel with a pre-formatted message for others to respond to. oRA had auto invites and other automated replies and responses, as do any number of RP mods. You’re not making your case at all.


Do you even understand HOW the addon works? You still have to use /4, and all the addon does it parse the noise for you.

They won’t go back to the 1.12 API because it’s so much more powerful than the “bells and whistles from retail”. The current Classic addon API can’t do a fraction of the things that the Vanilla API could do.

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This x1000

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funny thing about all the people crying about the addon is the streisand effect it’s having on it


I found this for you!
Patch 8.1 and Cross-Faction Roleplay “Unfortunately, with Patch 8.1, all addons are now blocked from reading or processing any data from community chat channels”

You too, door dodger!


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Yep. the forums are the best advertisement for addons. Lol

Door dodger, learn to read.

Don’t need to sift through some shat addon when I’ll be running dungeons with my guild and friends. Plus it literally takes minutes to get a group together lol


Have you never played vanilla?


Yup, never ever had issues getting groups…Only the suckers sit at IF bridge for an hour…