Classic WoW with Retail graphics and QoL = best MMO ever

I encourage you all to create a fresh lvl 1 char on retail and experience the 1-10 leveling experience. Now extrapolate that experience from 1-60 entirely in classic. What a game that would be


retail graphics suck so no


What do you mean by QoL?

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This feels like bait, but classic wow with retail graphics and QOL is… not classic wow.

Are you just saying you want the original EK and Kalimdor zones and questlines back? If so I agree, they should be put back in as a Chromie phase.


Classic WoW with the current higher res models would be tremendous.
It would be the same game but not quite as ugly.
I’m onboard.


“Show me how this looked before Deathwing broke EVERYTHING.”


Classic WoW with the FOLLOWING QoL improvements IMO:

-Bigger item stacks
-Pet tab
-Mount tab

That’s it. I wouldn’t complain about transmog but I don’t need it either.

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I’d certainly like that.

Classic+ or something, almost.

Blizzard just needs to have other classic servers with either additional content or other zany mode changes like Hardcore, just because that’s the version most people enjoyed.

Classic will always be alive, and other modes help it stay fresh.

They’re being dumb by not capitalizing on it, the playerbase is already fragmented with how many servers they have and refuse to merge.

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I’d play classic much more if I had my newer character models. I love the world, but can’t go back to the clunky low res characters.

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I wish they would also re-add the original ZG, Naxx 40 and vanilla dungeons that were re-made in Cata to have the original versions again.


It seems like they’re slowly doing it, albeit with caveats.

Except Naxx 40 which they apparently feel the need to keep gone to preserve the stupid artificial scarcity created by their laziness in recycling it.


Atiesh, Greatstaff of Rare-As-Hecc.

I really hope they do because I miss the original ZG. I don’t want it brought back in a Timewalking or a level 70 dungeon but just leave it how it was like if I were to solo MC or BWL etc.

Yeah, which sucks. Would just love to have this one back (like I mentioned about the ZG one) and just keep it as it was to where people can solo it and re-add that gear back etc. Obviously it would be just for mogging since it would be a vanilla level raid.

When they first announced classic I was hoping it would get the remastered touch like the games before it, you know, with that toggle switch to turn it back to how it was back then to how it is now.

I suppose that would be harder to do on an MMO though. :frowning:

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The graphics and animations add to the feel of classic though… The abilities in retail while smooth and flashy have little to no weight to them. When I hit shield slam on my warrior in classic it feels and sounds like it hurts. When I shield slam on my warrior in retail damage does occur but it might as well been a auto attack to me.


Classic doesn’t look as good like say retail. When retail have those high definition models versus that of classic where they have those old pixelated models when they are so dated.

So ya know, Classic runs on Retails engine, thats why the folders are now -retail- and -classic-, so i guess we already have the “Best MMO ever”?

This seems contradictory. Legacy was what it was because it did not have an abundance of “QoL” features.

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… I would legit love a classic server with updated graphics. I forgot how bad we all looked until I rolled a toon on one of the HC servers.


More Graveyards, more flight paths. improved balance Ie flight path at the alliance North camp in STV or in Goldshire for example, respecs on the fly, Improved Drop rates for quest items especially when in groups. Instant mail, faster gathering, crafting and mounting. The list goes on and on

Disagree. The things I enjoyed most about classic… that is the simplicity, the dungeons, the raids, and the pvp, can all be enjoyed just as much even if I get my mail instantly as opposed to waiting an hour or if I can spec into pvp or pve on the fly depending on what content I’m enjoying, or if I have a flight path in the alliance rebel camp in north STV.

Quality of life takes the tedious stuff players hate and makes it better so that players can enjoy more of the things they enjoy.