Classic WoW with Retail graphics and QoL = best MMO ever

I’d love to see this along with a shuffling of loot tables and quest rewards.

Just minor changes that keep the core game intact, but throw out all the people that have memorized the whole game down to a science.

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Done that many times.

So let me see if I get what you are saying - you suggest playing the game as we do in retail, but Classic (Vanilla) format.

I dunno, you tell me, because your explanation isn’t very clear. Exactly what would be the positive of that style of WoW? I’m not sure I get it.

So I hate retail. I hate having 20 button rotations and bosses that take 2 months to beat. I do love the upgraded graphics though and all the quality of life aspects to retail like respecing, more GYs, mounts at 20, epic mounts at 40, more flight paths, faster gathering, crafting and mounting, instant mail, better quest rewards and itemization, and better quest item drops particularly in groups.

I love classic, but hate the lack of GYs, flight paths, incredibly rare loot drops for quest items on mobs that are few and far between and heavily camped.

Then today I leveled a new human alt in retail. The goldshire quests, hogger etc and thought… this blend of retail and classic is literally the perfect game

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So you are asking/suggesting what others have talked about in other posts, principally a severe nerf of the talent abilities and base abilities of all classes.

This is something I don’t agree on and probably never will. The reasons are this - firstly, its a matter of choice. I’ve always believed that choice should be the ‘endgame’ for developers of games like this. The more choice we have as players, the less homogenized our characters are. When I think of a truly astonishing type of this idea, I think of the talent trees in Rift. Whatever else that poor lost game might have had going for it, its talent builds were humongous and gave players the ability to create a truly individualistic character. To me, that’s real fun. And with this talent system as it is now in WoW, the devs went further; they let us create multiple builds based on a variety of play styles. We could save a loadout for world pve, world pvp, raiding, dungeons, whatever other things we did in the game. And we can swap our talent choices around to have some abilities available in one, and some in another.

The kind of game you are suggested prunes those trees down to twigs. We would have little or no choice at all and to me that is heading for a dead game. It isn’t necessary to use every button on every character every day. That is the core choice.

As for bosses taking 2 months to beat - wasn’t it that way in Vanilla? Yet you are suggested we go back to a time when Guilds went in week after week to down bosses and gear drops were small and limited, sometimes even to a specific class. Getting gear upgrades is the endgame for a lot of people. Now, at least, players have more options. More…yes…choices.

So no, I can’t go with you on this. I want to see the game develop and evolve, not devolve.

The whole point of Classic WoW was for it to be the same as it was when it was current. They ruined it with changes.

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It wouldn’t be Classic then. No.

I think the only things I wish they did with classic, specifically classic wrath, is have some of the good QOL retail changes.

Some of them I can think of are things like the toy box, or the cross realm mounts. Retail has done alot of bad things, but those are some of the good ones. I liked classic, but it did get old not having inventory.

But at the same time, that was how classic was in classic wrath. Any mount you wanted, you had to get it on every toon you wanted it on. It was just how it was back then.

At the same time, I can see how folks wouldn’t see it as classic anymore if they added a toy box or cross realm mounts to wrath. I wouldn’t of minded it though.

I personally am not the biggest fan of the newer models and stuff like that in retail.
My tauren warrior in retail for example. His hooves shrank. Like they legit look so small.

I honestly am one of those folks that preffered the older models. They took away the old model tab in the options menu a while back to.

But it is what it is. I am glad classic went the classic route though.

Although I would love a pristine version of retail some day. Basically classic style but for retail.

With things like no dungeon finder or heirlooms. Or cross realm zones. Ammo and weapon skills added back in. I would join that ASAP.

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Current WoW is tedious enough as it is. Take off them nostalgia goggles.

Choice is an illusion. There will always be the best build and 99% of players will gravitate to that build

For example
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Then it isn’t Classic.

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100% Agree. With Chromie Time, and Blizzard obviously having the original zones, there isn’t really a reason afaik, to not put them into Chromie Time as an option.

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“But we want the authentic vanilla experience.”

Yeah, that lasted a week and a half.

It doesn’t matter if there are ‘better’ builds - the fact remains there are choices. I pick what I like for my characters. Most websites for example, recommend the hunter option for two pets, but I prefer one. I don’t need to worry about how effective that is comparatively because I don’t do high end content and it works fine for me out in the world.

The fact that the choice is there is not voided by there being good choices - still a choice, you see.

Absolutely not. The current game is the most boring overcomplicated experience I’ve seen in my 16 years of playing. The new character models were a huge reason I couldn’t get immersed, the animations are absolute garbage.


Then it wouldn’t be Classic now would it? And then the question would become, why not just play retail?

Retail is way too cartoony

And QoL is the slippery slope that brought us to retail

I think for retail, it does seem like retail lacks buttons compared to classic.

Like my classic hunter is so much more complicated to play than my retail hunter.
And I feel like the talent trees are more complicated to. Sure there is always a best regardless, But I hate how each class has 5 abilities to use in retail. I find that kind of boring. Retail is just so standardized.

In wrath of the lich king, it was standardized to, but not as much. I definitely miss how the old classes worked back then. Druids just don’t feel nearly as fun to play as they did in wrath. They keep removing abilities to. Like why can’t we get thorns buff back. And the tornadoe aoe ability. So much is missing.

I never get guns in retail anymore for hunters either. They just sound lame. Like watch out for my stapler guys. It’s gonna get yah lol. Would be nice to have actual aspects back to. They really aren’t aspects now in my op.

Dks need to get presence’s back. They no longer have them. I would love for shadow of death to come back to. In a more nerfed state of course.

Classic wrath talents also had hybridity to. What I mean by that, is that you could pretty much have every ability you wanted in the game for your class for the most part. And you could also bleed into other talent trees if you wanted to. With one or 2 abilities being exclusive to your chosen spec. Like if you go frost, howling blast is one of the exclusive frost abilities, that you can only get if you go all the way down frost.

I miss how the runes work to. In retail, if you go blood, you only get blood runes for the most part. In classic wrath, you can have unholy, frost, and blood runes all in your chosen spec. They just powered your different abilities, while some were powered by runic power. It was just way more fun in my op.

Even looking at my dk in retail right now, I am specced frost. Only frost runes. And I have several frost abilities, and death coil which is unholy, and requires runic power. Kind of boring compared to how my wrath dk is set up.

I think they have nerfed and changed way to much in retail. I can’t even cast exorcism on my paladin anymore, which is stupid. I think they did a decent job in retail. But the hybridity isn’t fully there. It is not as complicated as I would like.

I also miss all the rpg elements. Retail feels like a lobby game. You basically sit in ques for the most part now.

You can kind of already see this. There’s a certain vanilla server that has been working on a community project for itself that backports the Legion models to Vanilla.

It’s a 50/50. Some models are better, the world does feel easier to immerse into as it did then. Some suck (undead male got the short stick) and some were kind of left or because it’s unfinished it has some glaring issues…

Though allowing it to be purely optional I see zero reason why they can’t.

People hate Brack but “you think you do but you don’t” really was correct in the end. No one wanted actual classic WoW, they wanted a bastardized version of it.