Classic wow was a failure


At the OP:

You are clearly not very good at assessing what a successful game is. Classic is a smash hit and Activision is laughing all the way to the bank, thriving off of your money monthly subscription fees!
Just think how much profit is involved when:

  • no development was required
  • no new game writers, artists, marketing etc. was required
  • no new staffing required at all beyond the basic support people required!

Classic for all intents and purposes is close to 90% profit or some ridiculous number that some CEO is going to get hard over landing his multimillion dollar bonus over. Classic WoW is the very description of smashing success! So the minute it took me to read through your post that pointed out some of the problems with the game basically tells me you know very little about what success is.

Regarding the negative issues you brought to light, those are simply problems. Problems that may never get fixed, but that’s all they are.

People will play Classic until the end of Naxxramas and either quit at the end OR Blizzard will have to start creating new “VANILLA-STYLE” 40-man raiding content expansions to hang onto the massive player base that has resulted from this success.

I for one hope Blizzard decides to create new 40 man raid content expansions in the same style as Vanilla WoW to not only continue the massive success, but also expand upon it!


This is a character that will reach 60 in 4 months…


Least accurate post I’ve seen all day.


It is possible to take classic in a completely different way than BC, Wotlk, etc.

Blizzard could split off into new content but keep the core features of classic.

But they wont…


To do that, they would basically have to make an expansion, that never was.
That means dedicating an art team to the assets needed, a design and coding team etc, and that means an investment of time that they will need to recoup the cost on, which means having to sell an xpack, for an old game, along side trying to sell the xpacks for the current.

That would not seem like a good way to go, does not seem like a good
plan from a financial stand point.


What a drama queen lol


It worked for me


roll pve noob it was a huge success.


This, all these players making whine threads of dying to players on their way to BRM from Thorium Point without even going alternate routes or any prep/planning. You don’t see them going from Loch Modan gate or Red ridge. They would be the same players complaining about a 40 player raid ganking them on a 3k server too going the thorium route.

Non of these players are from vanilla as they have already been seasoned players of other mmo’s of its time which have far worse death experiences (losing items). They know the other routes and can deal with a few deaths and wont complain about it. Imo get these retail whiners out of here and I hope more leave when BWL release. It’s isn’t stopping and it never will. Bring on the blood bath for my alliance main. I can’t wait for the mayhem :smiling_imp:

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Exaggerate much?

You chose the server. Reroll if you don’t like it.

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Stay with it…the robe is totally worth it.


Classic wow is an incredible success. You just arn’t good at the game I guess.


Agreed. I’m sure Blizzard has plenty of work arounds for it too, but then you’ve got the #NOCHANGES crowd ruining it :joy:


Funny. I don’t see people on PvE servers complaining.

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any game will fizzle if it doesnt get new content, classic is no different


Brah, there are millions of us that came back and re-subbed for Classic.
Those same millions are the ones who left WoW because of retail, only to see them pull the same crap, so…
We left.
The real figures will be on full display come Feb as most folk bought 6mos subs when Classic launched.


Agree - this is the WoW I enjoy the most.

I wish Blizzard could find a way to keep this going. Perhaps this could be the root of a new tree without increasing the level cap going forward; Like new, never seen regions to explore and conquer; subtle gear improvements and choices; UI improvements; and more world PvP/PvE objectives. Keep it “difficult” and chaotic, “war” usually is, isn’t it?

Retail just got too muddy IMHO, and since they are level-squishing, it seems like an opportunity for Blizzard to keep the cap at 60 and just dream better and not necessarily bigger.


but prior to p2,
game was going swimmingly.
Albeit, folks were worried releasing DM early was a bad sign.
They were right to be worried.


Meanwhile in the real world… hundreds of thousands are still playing and having the time of their lives…

Come on man…

0/10 troll grade.


I don’t think that is true. People have been happily enjoying private servers for over a decade.