Classic wow was a failure


“I don’t think wildfires in California are a problem because it’s cold in Chicago”-Blindfaith the Internet clown.

Transfers aren’t open. I’m not creating another char trusting that they won’t just deliberately destroy that server.


Nice quote, you said it so it must be true! What a comeback from such a well established member of the forums at hand. I tip my hat to you!

Well… I mean, they were? You miss’m? I saw them, chose not to transfer for obvious reasons… Claiming you didn’t get the option, how honest.
If your server is as bad as you think it is, reroll. Wait for battlegrounds. You could even just grind gold in professions? I mean, it’s endless.


Nope, it’s Blizzard’s fault because:

  1. They overpopulated servers
  2. They arbitrarily removed layering before populations had sufficiently dropped on many if not most servers
  3. They didn’t implement faction specific queues
  4. The “free transfer” in queue option only takes you to another server where your faction isn’t dominant and thus will have all the same problems you’re trying to get away from.

Putting too many people on a server and no way for the minority faction to recover (or escape) is entirely predictable, avoidable and still fixable.

Most or all of the above. This is in everybody’s interest as over time a bunch of servers are just going to turn into Horde PVE servers since the Alliance have all left because they can’t play the game and the Horde will leave because there’s no one left to PVP.

There are also some world and game design flaws that exacerbate this problem but changing these would be a fundamental change to the game so unlikely to happen. For example, Horde can trivially get to level 45 without ever flagging PVP. Alliance? Not so much.


If you think you can impress a smug clown with logic and reason you’re going to be sorely disappointed. He’s here to scream kek and victim blame while he farms honor in his raid afking in BRM.

You’re literally talking to the cancerous colon killing the game. Just ignore him


So how many server merges were you looking forward to later on? Because I wasn’t…

They had originally always planned to remove layering. As well as this, it was new and wasn’t a part of the vanilla experience. Would you also like to go back to Dial-up Internet? Or perhaps not being able to do anything because so many people are around you’re lagging to all hell? Because I remember that happening.

So you want people to be locked out on certain servers where there’s faction imbalance like we’re currently experiencing?

That’s the point. Why would you want to transfer players to a server where they’re already dominant?.. The idea is to get people to transfer to unbalanced realms to fix the issue…

You’ve not added anything decent to this conversation, I think this applies to you, bud.


Says the smug clown that continues to blame the victims of blizzards hideous incompetence.


Don’t even know me, yet you call me a clown three times, and then call me a cancerous colon killing the game. Makes sense.

You insult because you’ve got nothing to add on the topic, but disagree with my opinion on the subject at hand. So you lash out with pointless insults that get you nowhere in the grand scheme of things.


You don’t have to take flight paths zoomer


The talking cancer has a lot to say about “adding to the conversation” while he says that players should have somehow…inexplicably… clairvoyantly anticipated that blizzard would knowingly make the majority of pvp servers massively overpopulated unplayable hellholes.


I’m having a ball and I haven’t even hit 60 on any characters yet. Haven’t touched retail since I resub’d except to see if the night elf heritage armors came out. Since that was a no I’m back in Classic. I certainly won’t be bothering with Shadowlands.


I’ve been having a blast this whole time. The only things that really annoyed me so far are certain people… Meta-gamers and people whining about how the game sucks.


Because they 100% knew exactly how many people were going to join say Bigglesworth horde, and how many were going to join alliance. Making some wild accusations here.


They had access to the data, they didn’t care. They killed the game on purpose.

There’s really no denying it, not that it matters. The game is dying whether smug charlatans like you can come back to reality and admit it


The only failures have been on Blizzards end, launch being in layers and all the exploits that came with, population caps being increased to make everything overcrowded, transfers instead of rerolling so people just up and abandoned servers leading to more of the same faction abandoning, being way too few servers at launch leading to over crowded places that then had people leave for no queue and server balance was effected…

Basically everything Blizzard has changed Classic has been a cata-strophy.


Before the players made the characters? Players choose where to make their toons, not Blizz. :stuck_out_tongue:


Enjoy pumping hours of your miserable life into a dying game colon cancer. It can’t be any more of a complete waste than the rest of your pathetic existence.


Suppose so, going to make a tear come to my eye thinking about my existence. :smile:
Here’s some depressing news for you, however it’s a fact.

We’re all insignificant specs on an insignificant rock, in an insignificant galaxy that will one day be doomed. Everything any human has ever done will be forgotten, and one day we’ll be extinct and no one will be around to feel sad about it. Because our star is going to one day cease to exist, as will the earth itself.

We all share the same ending in this existence, how you interpret that is up to you.

I added more useless information (useless because you can’t do anything about it or stop it from happening) for you since that’s what you care about. Enjoy.


I think it’s going to fade for other reasons. For example I was thinking today about rested bonus. Nice feature, but in reality it’s causing players like myself to choose -not logging in for a period of time- is better than logging in and playing the game.

Therefore I’m merely playing it in brief bursts. Not continually.

I mean isn’t that design the epitome of dumb?


If classic is dying why do I have to keep fighting people for satyrs at my felcloth farm?

(Kudger) #127

Lol, pretty hard to call the game version that has already paid for itself many times over, put WoW back in the public consciousness, and pretty much saved Blizzard’s fiscal year a failure.

Will its popularity last forever? No. But it wasn’t meant to. It’s a wonderful chance to go back and experience the game that started it all.