Classic wow was a failure


roll on a PVE server if you cant deal with WPVP noob.if you dont care to re roll then just quit because you dont care about playing then anyway.


That wasn’t the point. The point was to make money - it worked.


How do you account for the popularity of private servers?

If a gaming company does not handle ‘classic’ servers of their game well,
they will take a hit both on their ‘live’ base and their ‘classic’ base.

EQ has pretty much lost both populations and p99 has pretty much been revived stronger than ever. EQ has lost a majority of their playerbase because their game is invaded with 3rd-party bot-teams. Currently, the bots are the majority of the game’s subs, and they are now leaving cause they can’t sell their wares to anyone (not that they are funding EQ either, as they pay their subs from in-game currency, sound familiar?). Yet somehow p99 stops these same folks at their front door.
One small example. I could go on, SWG-emu, etc.
‘Classic’ games can exist without new content… even without the original game itself existing, if they are cared for.

History has a way of repeating if you don’t actively maintain a good game.
WoW is no diff, they just are bigger, so it’s a huuuuge SPLAT when it happens.
and it has happened, SPLAT comes Feb.

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they only had a few thousand people, thats nothing for a game in 2019

i played on northdale myself, it was busy for a single server but not in the big picture

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they were not that popular and they always did fresh servers after a certain point

northdale had a few thousand active players. their numbers were inflated by bots and chat trolls that didnt really play the game


I’m with you on that.

As much as I understand the spirit of the “nochanges” group, i do think it would be a benefit to fix some of the kinks in the original game. It doesn’t mean turning it into retail, but having UI improvements and fixing bugs and minor issues, and bringing the game to 2019 quality levels isn’t a bad thing.


The real kicker, imho, is the total and complete lack of bug fixes. It’s actually totally absurd how many game breaking, insano-status bugs are being constantly reported, FOR MONTHS, and not being addressed or fixed. These are non-Vanilla bugs, btw.


I won’t reach 60 at all. I’m growing real tired of the slow pace of this game compared to retail and other modern video games.

60 won’t ever happen to this character, 51 is the highest it will ever get to but that is appearing less likely now to be honest.


Was? We’re still getting our core of 60s attuned so we can go into Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair, and you want to tell us the game has failed?

When we stop playing and having fun, I might agree with you.


I am a new WOW player. I subbed just to play Classic. Never played a MMORPG before this. I played MUDS and MOOs but not this type of gaming. Love the older classic one and that I can go into the mines and kick some Koibold butt :wink: I noticed the retail game has the mines closed off. (Why, I do not know), and the Vineyards across from the Cathedral in Northshire burning (What caused that?)

I have no problems forking out $14.99 a month. I feel it is worth it.


I disagree. Classic is awesome despite the megaservers and wonky pvp.


Sure it was, in the eyes of someone looking for something new in the rerelease of a 15 year old game…

For those of us that understand, this is great!


Same here.


Schlump 60 Orc Shaman

Not the typical undead rogue but still checks out


Alright, Mr. Fears for Tears.


Sweetie, Classic was never a long term game. Vanilla existed for a few years and that’s what Classic will do. Classic is already successful. It’s been almost three months since launch and the game feels more alive than retail. You need to get with the times.


If retail fails (and no doubt here that it will)… and classic succeeds what happens to all those WoW developers?

cause WoW Classic (and TBC and WotLK) requires minimal development.

Ofc the Blizz dev team are doing everything they can to sink Classic.


They can shuffle people around to other departments. I don’t see why that really matters to the consumer.

It’s like being worried that if enough people stop liking Coca-cola that some employees might be let go.


I mean, 3 years was a bit.


last month classic wow was the greatest thing ever
and now it’s a total failure…lol this community sometimes i still love classic myself