Classic wow was a failure


So, classic has been out 3 months. That’s $45. 1 more month for a traditional video game price. I’ve played little, average 1.5 hours per day. 135 hours for $45, and still playing. Seems worth it to me.

As far as success or failure of a game for the company, I’m not sure that you’re qualified to say. It brought a lot of people back. So I don’t know. Seems like a success to me. Was a great PR move for Blizzard either way.


TLDR; OP went hard core, burnt himself out and ran out of things to do. This is why you don’t rush to the end game so quickly. Unless of course, you have other things you want to do at end game.

Tbh, I kind of saw this coming (and I know I wasn’t alone) when everyone was rushing to 60 and trying to clear Rag in the first week.

I’m having fun. :slight_smile:


You guys missed the attempt at subtle humor there.
Your welcome, as opposed to You are welcome, as in Your Welcome to HS as a Horde.

This is why i fail at rogue, not good at subtleties


I’ve got to thank you. Your taking the time to point out what I missed.

I’ll be more observant next time.


TBH the main draw of vanilla should be PVP but I don’t suspect that’d be the case given how many people prefer prefer PVE or mainly PVE with pvp on the side. Even if everyone was trying really hard for awhile, we’d still have people not playing at the skill cap, that’s how high the vanilla skill is, and that’s also how versatile and how many mixups people can do in PVP which makes it vastly superior to PvE.

The other stuff is problems as well as trade-offs fundamental to MMORPGs and games. How much grind and in what way, too little, too much? As much as people are bored of doing the same, (which I’m not for gear, grinding gear and being done is usually something I’m thankful for) they’re also those bored of doing the same gear treadmill that looks perhaps not the same do to vague shape, intead of the cycle of grind and stop, with stopping being the plateau, there’s the repeat of “cycle through next xpac, rekins and grinding gear, then we do it again next time” this is emblematic of the fundamental tradeoff or ‘problem’ of MMORPGs

As much as people hate fighting games for the skill difference, and being destroyed by better players, and the constant grind of ‘labbing’ out fights, it’s a different type of grind, but players may and some do feel inclined that for whatever reason the ‘grind’ in fighting games is fine but not MMORPGs and vice versa.

The real loss is people as a whole imo, pvp in mmorpgs has its own flavor and style and so much variation with how much you can change in MMORPGs, it’s a real shame a lot of people sleep on the skill cap or chalk it up to “just a unworthy mentionable bonus to a game”




This, in my opinion, is the major issue with today’s player base that never experienced vanilla wow and why expecting the classic version of the game to be the same as vanilla was never going to happen. For that to be the case you’d have to build a time machine to go back. You simply cant erase 15 years of data mining and expect that people are going to play true to the context of the game as it was.

Many vanilla players are happy with the way things are going, so am I


My server is always packed. Most people are cool, and there is a ton to do. Retail has been terrible for awhile. If it weren’t for classic, I wouldn’t even log in. Sure, I would have preferred WOTLK, but that was my favorite expansion and I played Classic when it was Vanilla. I still prefer Classic to retail and personally don’t think I will buy the new expansion since it has pathfinder again. Classic is most definitely not a failure just because you don’t like it. Classic was necessary because retail has been a failure.


not for me it isn’t


Mostly the changes.

In any case, WoW Classic has more played time for me this week than most games have had in the several years I’ve owned them. Classic is fine. If you don’t like it, feel free to leave.


what hurt classic was the 25k server pop cap. /thread


This is what the #nochanges people wanted, isn’t it?


Well, I’m not on either side of the fence here, but there’s been tons of changes. Like, allot of them…


It’s going to die way faster than that because they’ve created concentration camp servers for the victims of their wanton indifference towards faction balance


This is a player made issue. What do you want them to do? Literally pick up toons and forcibly transfer them? Most they can do is try to offer realm transfers to those with lower populations, alliance to those servers, and horde out of them. But even then, it’s no guarantee that it’d work; because as I’ve stated, this is a player made problem.


They let all the alliance leave Blaumeux before phase 2, they actively made it worse.

They… do… not… care…

The servers are going to die. Get over it. Just unsub


Okay, and all that’d mean it’s a failed server. Transfer to another? Create a toon on a server that’s working as intended? Blizz didn’t force those players to leave, those players joined a PvP server not knowing what they were actually setting themselves up for, then hated the outcome, then they left the server.

That’s no fault of Blizzard, we knew exactly what these servers were going to be like while we were reserving our names.

This is a player made problem…

Then that’s your choice, go for it. I’ll not stop, nor miss you and your ignorance on the subject…


I won’t argue that you’re the uncontested expert on ignorance. Blizzard deliberately creating a game that can… not… be… played… is not the players fault. They made an unplayable game and now it is dying.

You and your smug narcissistic neck beards can be kings of the ashes. No one cares when the money for support will inevitably dry up and they start shutting down servers one by one because they couldn’t be bothered to produce a game people could play.


Pretty sure I’ve been playing this so called “game that can… not… be… played…”…


I want to make sure I have this correct, the servers are packed and have high que times, horde is dominating, pvp is happening, pve servers are packed and classics a failure. I thought it was a success; crazy me.