Classic wow was a failure


For starters that would never happen simply because Classic gets boring very quickly once all of its content is out and its on farm. Second if Classic really was somehow able to sink retail (which it will not even come close) those developers would start working on Classic+ I would imagine. Classic+ will never be a thing so long as there is another version of WoW that is alive and kicking unfortunately. Classic has a 2-3 year lifespan with decent population and then it will flounder but stick around with low pop servers. TBC and WotLK will eventually follow on new servers which will assist in drawing away a good portion of the Classic player base.

All in all there will be a small community on Classic, TBC, WotLK when this is all said and done with retail still owning the majority of the players. Blizzard will never get around to Classic+, TBC+, or even WotLK+. Players that want new content will be forced to play retail.


Found your whole problem. Right here. This has always had a shelf life so to speak. Why do you think pservers did F R E S H realms?
Yes. It’s a great game but the game is in the leveling, socializing, and the arms race to gear.
Not saying it will be completely dead but after Naxx it will be on life support.
F R E S H will fix it or TBC/Wrath servers.


This is a key point, and not even JUST for PvP. Mob density and spawning rates, quest completion times, resource drops per player per server are all screwed up because of how many more players per server there are now.


When I first reserved my names on my server, there was quite a bit of pressure from my friends to roll on a pvp server. I knew that was going to be a huge mistake. Apparently I was right.

I stuck to my preference and rolled on the only Pve Rp server that Blizz made, and I have not regretted it.

As for Classic being a failure, I have not logged into Retail since Classic went live, except to get my Death wing battle pet.


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You think you do but you dont.

We all knew classic was dying before Dire Maul was released. This rush off phase 2, and Classic’s greatest player quitting to. Sorry but without Asmongold to push for more content. You are not going to be seeing Classic+ or TBC, or WolK. Which is bad as they really need to just stop with WoD.


Classic didn’t fail LMAO. Are you okay? Classic has more players than retail currently.


Speak for yourself. I’m still working on my pre-raid BiS and Onyxia attunement, I do MC once a week and I’ll eventually get my full raid gear. I like having set goals to reach. If people reach their goals too fast, make a new character or stop playing until new content comes out. When that content eventually does dry up, either replay it or leave and do something else. It’s not hard.

Every single online game or service eventually dies, whether it’s around for 2 years or 20. Of course people are going to leave Classic eventually and move on. But I think to get some people to leave, an MMO that in their eyes, is better than Classic, is going to have to come along.

Well given theyre taking layers away… they’re not going to be now. Not sure if my server is medium or high population but once you get to 60 you seem to see the same names pop up again and again.

I’m one of the people who is completely indifferent on whether or not the game progresses into TBC and WotLK, so long as I get to choose if/when I want to to progress. I don’t think after people have been begging so long for Classic, to take away the completely vanilla experience. It should be optional, but I feel thats a pipedream. Blizz will either progress or they won’t.

I don’t know if this forum is anything to go by, but it seems the vast majority of people don’t want that though. They don’t want something “inspired” by Vanilla. They want vanilla. Or they want TBC, or WotLK. What you’re basically asking for is a new MMO at that point, not World of Warcraft, which I’m personally not opposed to if done well.

THIS THIS THIS. I had to wait nearly an hour and a half to escort Taelan Fordring for my BiS healer ring because my disguise kept running out and everytime i left someone would snipe him… and i’d have to wait for him to respawn. And thats basically been experience the entire time playing, 1-60. It’s the one thing I do actually like about the little i played of retail, better spawn times that actually accommodate for the server size.


Didn’t J. Allen Brack say something about this?


At OPs title if “Classic WoW was a failure” that would mean that it now IS a success. I’m which case I agree I’m having a great time!


should have rolled pve.


Horde kills Alliance. Alliance kills Horde. And then
Alliance kills Horde. Horde kills Alliance. And then
Horde complains. Alliance complains. And then
Alliance complains. Horde complains. Repeat cycle.


they think this forum represents most of classic population lmao.


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Or is the question What?

Anyways, i didn’t see anything dying, no one i play with was aware that we were dying, so it can’t be We all It must be a you thing?


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There are studies out there about memory - and how people remember things the way they want to + that details are muddied with time.

There is never any possibility that this incarnation of “vanilla” that we call classic will ever meet anyone’s memory of what the original WoW from 15 years ago was.

Everyone’s reccolection differs. It’s just plain different. Blizz might as well cater to “today us” - add in the customizability, difficulty, complexity that is classic/vanilla - while optimizing to eliminate the UI/UX issues that were ironed out in subsequent versions.

There is no reason that classic should be a failure. I love it. There’s just a couple things I don’t like ; people being absolutely cancerous is one of them.

I’m not even talking about the L60 killing a L40 a few times ; I’m thinking the people who farm fellow people-players for hours on end absolutely destroying any fun value that they may have had.

AKA: Griefing. It’s not farming, it’s griefing.

It deserves punishment of some sort - as in extending dishonorable kills to pvp griefing in world pvp.

FTFY. You’re welcome.




If Retail players switched to Classic, they were simply addicts that wanted to bail but needed someplace to go.

MMOs have a lifecycle and WoW hit their peak a long time ago. They know this. But you apparently don’t understand what a RoI is. If they spend $X on an expansion or Classic rollout and they make $Z ($X+$Y) then they made their RoI. It is, by definition, a success.

Video games are like movies: even if the critics hate a $20 million film, if that film makes $100, it’s still a success, even if it’s a critical flop or people stop seeing it after a month.