Classic wow was a failure


Yes. A problem that was anticipated and FIXED on many psservers. And Blizzard chose to ignore the smart work done by the pserver people. Why?

The people making the decisions are the Blizzard development team. But Classic is an already complete product that does NOT require very much development at all.

What happens if we all stay on Classic and retail never regains a player base. What happens to the retail developers? Of course they are trying to sneakily sink classic. When something threatens your livelihood you subversively kill it.


Classic is a niche game and is doing more than fine as such. There’s a reason Blizzard was hesitant about opening to many servers at first. They probably still did.

I’m still having plenty of fun with it, even if the internet “hypemen” are not.

Besides, it racked in a ton of money and put the Warcraft brand back on the map right before the major announcements of Blizzcon. That was the whole purpose of it and from that point of view, its a resounding success.

I doubt people leaving beyond that is really of much concern to Blizzard, its certainly not unexpected to them.


I was skeptical for months patiently watching what would happen. At least for what I want it was a far greater success than I expected.

All of the things you believe are negatives are aspects that I think are good.

Static unchanging versions of the game are what I want.
No constant balance changes are what I want.
Time gated content at the start is what I want.
People leaving who don’t want this is what I want.
Niche communities will eventually pop up over time like they did with private servers. I’m not worried about the lack of individual servers forums. Discord or other services will take over for that.

I’d call everything that has occurred so far a success.


It’s not tho. Your just salty cause you rolled on a PVP server and you should have rolled on a normal server.

Classic is a huge success for blizzard. Very little development and upkeep, and It brought in more subs than retail did when classic first launched. It has tapered off a bit since launch but still has healthy server populations.


The more people who quit the better classic will become because at the moment servers are jam packed and community is too big .

Once you get a small community where everyone knows your name it becomes better imo.


Have to disagree. The classic is a huge success. Enormous success. I love it so much that I log in every time I’m hope even tho I don’t want to play🤣 the problem is the handling of the issues and the release itself. If there were 20 servers (at least) with slightly lower pop cap instead of intended 11 with huge pops everyone would be enjoying the game so much more rn

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Go back to retail. Right now the players are making whats pretty much user generated content if thats your argument. Seriously, if you are in it for “new content” you should’ve known from the start this is a rerelease. If you are a raid logger this is not the version of the game for you.

I mean Last night on Fairbanks we had hours of a cross faction pirate boat cross ocean landing battle that was almost like some crazy closed quarters bg battle. Every time you cross the ocean and zone in to the new continent both factions raids rezed full and the battle started again. Fighting back and forth across the ocean on the boats going to and from Menethil was super fun.

If you don’t like the pvp and you need new raid updates and reasons to log in and do daily’s so to speak, why are you playing classic if you knew what that entailed?


A failure I think that’s a bit of a stretch. I’ve been having fun

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Drama queen/king

Classic will be around for a long time. Many played Vanilla on pservers for years and are very happy to be able to play on Blizz’s own servers.

Classic is far from a failure.

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Step 1: Be terrible at a game.
Step 2: Game failed you.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

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retail scum? 0.o


Legion brought me back after 6 years away.
Avoided the BFA trainwreck and do not plan to purchase.
Blizz would have lost me again if it wasn’t for Classic and how great it is.

A Poorly planned Phase 2 and free server transfers are the reason it sucks right now.
That’s on Blizzard. Not Classic.

It will get better and people will come back if they fix the balance issues.

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I really hope not. People complained about twinks from day one until they finally removed them from current WoW. While it’s fine that people complain, the real problem is that Blizzard might actually listen. They tend to err on the side of people who don’t really like to play games to begin with.

The whole reason people wanted classic to begin with was that they tried to give everyone what they wanted and ended up with something that barely qualified to be called a game.

Sure, you could say that continuous streams of complaints resulted in us having classic again, but 1) there’s already a WoW with all of these things fixed and 2) just like we should have quit playing the game a very long time ago because nothing good ever came of it, they should not be playing this one. It’s better for literally everybody involved.

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When were PvP balance issues ever fixed?

Answer: BGs

Servers were always wildly unbalanced. My PvP server went from being mostly Alliance at first… then in three months… Horde predominant, then it was more like a PvE server because there weren’t any Alliance around anymore.


They had to fix BG issues because pretty good loot and mounts are tied to BGs.

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Yep. The retail Wow-Diablo online casino hybrid hardly qualifies as a game.

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Yes but at least the teams were “balanced”


I dont remember complaints really?
Stupid thing to complain about because Everybody can make a twink if they really want to

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Battlegrounds come out on December tenth. If not on that day, then a few days later, everyone who will be trying to grind gear out of battlegrounds will be here.

Bring popcorn.


I played Classic WoW almost every day since it launched

Had an absolute blast.

It was not a failure. It feels like a tight knit community.