Classic wow was a failure


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Blizzard tried really, really hard to make it a failure. It has so many issues mostly due to either their incompetence, or outright sabotage. At least Mr. Brack’s ego gets a point for making sure it’s a failure.

The issues really aren’t the reasons you posted, though.


If we are playing when we normally would not be subscribed at all, it isn’t a failure.

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For this (Classic) its more the player base than Blizzard.


Classic didn’t fail. Classic simply won’t last very long outside the few hardcores.
The content simply cannot keep most people playing.


Considering its still going strong id have to call your assessment invalid.

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Wouldnt say its a failure but i would say its easy which doesnt help it


Classic isn’t failing just because you are unhappy OP. Also Classic has succeeded solely based on the fact it exists and is playable once again. More than can be said of many other dead games.


the thing is, they have already won. Classic for all intents and purposes, has been a hit.


Of course it would slowly die, all MMOs slowly die without new content (some even with it). Which is why the current retail has new content coming. These Classic servers, and most likely later BC servers are more period or museum pieces to keep people bouncing around between them and retail thus keeping an active subscription.

For most players I don’t imagine they will stick exclusively with a Classic server for more than 3-5 yrs. There is a shelf life, and as long as they have enough active players to validate the cost some Classic servers may remain active.

Same goes for BC. I would much prefer BC servers to release, but even I know that eventually after a few years I would get bored of BC, and want Wotlk or simply a different game.


Wow classic failed? Really?


I will grant you the BG part. Having those definitely adds something for players to do long term. BWL however would solve nothing. Yes initially people would have more content but the faster that content is burned through the faster the game becomes stale. Remember this is a finite game that has limited content (they will not do Classic+ no matter how much people cry for it) and they are just hoping to get a few years out of Classic before they do the same with TBC and WotLK. None of these versions will have life long term however. They will all exist but with a much smaller player base than what people are used to now.


The Blizzard development team want Classic to fail because it doesn’t require very many developers.

They want us all to go back to retail for job preservation and I believe they are purposefully making bad decisions to ensure that that happens.


Yes, this.

It’s a shame that the OP’s realm is apparently doing badly; mine still has way more people around than were ever around during original-Classic.


Lets be real here. Classic is 100% carrying WoW right now. There is a reason why blizz was so willing to share those sub numbers so quick.


I can not think of a single thing they have done that looks like they want it to fail. You can point out the Phase 2 WPvP issue but that really has nothing to do with Blizzard. That is a player created problem that Blizzard will not fix. Time-gating content helps the short term life of the game. To me it appears they are trying hard to make Classic work even with all of its shortcomings.


When blizzard asks itself “did this product fail” they don’t care if it lived up to the expectations of the playerbase they care if they made a good return on investment. They were never super confident in the long term staying power of the game thats why mega servers are a thing and the dev team was kept small. Im going to guess they made thier money back in subs already everything from this point forward to then us gravy. If doing the same thing again was possible they eould do it iver and over.


I think people who played vanilla or private servers or just watched lots of videos knew what classic was going to be. More bugs than I was hoping for and maybe some argument over timing of certain things but… classic is in no way a failure.


We’re all dying man


They’ve literally said multiple times theyre open to classic+ if the community wants it

come on now you can do better than this