Classic WoW system requirements?

Nah, it’ll be less than Legion. Its lower quality world textures, weapons, armors, models, spell effects. With every setting maxed in the demo and surrounded by…maybe 60 or 70 players I still couldn’t drop below 200 frames.

hilarious conjecture

Until we know what wide screen support means to blizzard legion requirements are a safe bet


What system Specs were you doing this on ?

Take the retail requirements and scale back some things like video ram to account for the reduced textures and that should be your classic requirements.

My laptop. i7-6820, gtx 1080.

For comparison, amidst the same number of players in BfA I get maybe 30-40fps, whereas I held a steady 200 in the demo. The demo plays remarkably better.

The minimum requirements for BFA are inaccurate, it’s just a recommendations.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-760 or AMD FX-8100 or later
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64 bit
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 560 2GB or AMD™ Radeon™ HD 7850 2GB or Intel® HD Graphics 530 (45W)

I could run this on any Dual core cpu, period.
when thinking about MINIMUM requirements i think of Minimum settings.
Say a 720p resolution at Low/med settings.

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Yes well that is quiet the Hardware your running on their lol.

im using a i5-3470 with a R9 270 And i run at 1080p On Ultra/10/max Details
and in bolarus i can still hold 30fps. Not sure why your only getting 30-40 in BFA.

I would just assume anything that can run retail will run classic, and while classic will likely take significantly less horsepower, you’ll have access to both games on the same account, so you might as well have a capable computer.

I can imagine any system from the intel 3 series and up should be able to run it just fine. A 3770 is still more than capable of running most games without much issue.

I have a haswell system paired with a 1060 and the amount of frames is laughably high.

I kinda feel sorry for people who feel the need to upgrade every year and aren’t content creators or use it as a workstation, as that’s a waste of money, but everyone has their hobbies, so whatever.

Agreed. you can still get away with most games with a core 2 quad even

My guess is he’s running it at full blast and is getting thermal throttling, as laptops will do for hours of play no matter how well designed.

i played legion and bfa on a core duo that didnt meet the minimum specs.

questing and bgs still ran fine, i got about 50 fps on graphics setting 3 out of 10 in bgs. lfr was bad, about 25 fps on graphics 1, but i play for bgs not pve. dungeons were hit or miss, some were fine, others were not

i left the resolution alone, but could have turned it down i guess. id rather not go there, scaling it down makes everything look blocky

well i didnt say it would be perfect, but it was playable.
What video card was paired with this? keeping in mind the bottleneck.,
Ya nobody wants to be or should be below 720p.

yeah i hear you, its definitely playable as long as you dont care much about raids

my card is a gt 710, one of the cheapest on the market these days, i do overclock it when im running bgs. overall im happy with how it runs wow considering the price, but it wont run many other modern games.

I would play it on my Power Mac G5 if I could. No joke. Might even break out the CRT monitor for it.

Shame that won’t be an option.

I have an outdated s5-1414 slimline with a GeForce GT 730. BFA runs like crap.
Was able to run Classic on the stress test on settings 8 with 60 FPS consistent and not in “Classic” settings mind you.
Yes I will be updating my CPU for the sake of retail and other games. However, if I was content with Vanilla only, my current computer is more than fine.

By the way Northshire Abbey had probably 100-150 people fighting for mobs and I never once dropped frame rate on my little s5-1414.

It’s using the modern rendering engine so DX11 should be the only requirement. Since its using the Classic models and textures it should be far lower than BfA but it will still require Shader Model 5.0 unfortunately.

If your able to play retail WoW now then Classic WoW will run much better for you.

Wow classic is like wow 1.12 and its like 3 gb of space. It might work on windows xp cause wow vanilla was for windows xp.

So we’re not even getting a better resolution? We’re going to see the same pixelated graphics from 2006?