Classic WoW Forums Access

(Gentianna) #1

I am in the Classic Beta test but unable to make posts to the Beta Forums, all I can do is read them.

Cannot post or reply to topics in Classic beta forum
Cannot post or reply to topics in Classic beta forum
(Beosaevio) #2

Same. I’ve refreshed my screen multiple times, logged out, logged back in… nada.

(Ginvite) #3

Likewise, flagged for access and able to play but no ability to reply or make new topics in the “In Development: WoW Classic Beta test” forum.

(Apprehended) #4

I have the same issue as well. My account has been flagged for beta access and I cannot post new topics or reply to existing ones in the Classic beta forum.

Edit: I got into the beta on Friday morning, and still cannot post in the Classic beta forum.

(Arandi) #5

Same here. Can read but not post or reply.

(Apprehended) #6

Apparently you have to relog into the forums and then use the character it switches you to in order to post in the Classic beta forums.

Not ideal since I would like to use this toon to post in the beta forums since I post elsewhere in the forums on this toon, but whatever, at least I can post.

(Darknesself) #7

The character you’re switched to after re-logging into the forums is generally the last character it has you logged off as. At least that’s how I think it works.


Can confirm this. Was wondering why the forums had logged me into this character. I haven’t been on her in years. She was one of my original vanilla alts though. Not even my highest. Not sure how they went about picking her lol. On my side account no less. Oh well, I can post on the Beta forums now, thanks for this info!


Same here. I’ve logged off and on MANY times. I can post in other forums (duh) but not on the Classic Test Beta forum.

UPDATE: I am still unable to create posts in the Classic Test Beta forum. I’ve tried all the tricks others have posted, but still not available and I AM part of the closed beta.

(Zenetta) #10

I can’t post in the classic beta forums on this character, but I can post on the first character it logs me in as, which is completely random and doesn’t seem to allow me to set a default login character anywhere (why it doesn’t just log me in as this character every time, I have no idea).

I did notice if I switch to random other characters, some of them can post in the beta forums and some can not. I don’t know why, maybe once you’ve randomly logged in as a character first it fixes permissions for it permanently? I have probably 50 characters, so logging in and out repeatedly hoping I randomly hit the jackpot doesn’t seem appealing.