Classic Wow bug can't train skills


I can’t train new skills. I’m trying to learn cooking and engineering but no trainer will train me. Tried org and UC the trainers only offer me journeyman and not apprentice so I can’t start the skills. Please help. I also only have one main profession (mining) I don’t have another trained for those of you who are gonna mention that. They also do not show up in my ability book because again, I can’t learn the professions or train them.

(Perl) #2

When you’re at the trainer, try playing with the filters to make sure that the trainer is showing you everything.


done that thank you though. Im thinking im just bugged for some reason

(Perl) #4

It’s not too likely that it’s specific to your character. Try a Full UI Reset to see if it’s a UI or addon issue.

Otherwise, are you able to upload a screenshot of the cooking trainer for example? Cooking should be an easy one as despite any other professions you have, that one should indeed be available.

(Nok) #5

In classic, there are usually three trainers for teaching different levels of the professions. I know there are three different trainers for engineering in org out of what I think are four NPC’s in the engineering shop.

As far as cooking goes, ISTRC getting the first level of training in Razor Hill.

(Melaesia) #6

This is what I was thinking too. You have to find the correct trainer for the level you need.

My first level 60 back in the day was a Tailor and Enchanter. I remember needing to get a group to not only go to Uldaman, but help me get to the freaking trainer past the scorpions.

OP, look on Wowhead, or Icy Veins, or even Wow Professions. They will have guides as to where all the trainers are for each profession in Classic.