Classic Vanilla Players

anyone from vanilla still around
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<---------off and on every X-pac, none have kept me all the way through since cata. not the way nilla or BC did.
Still around. Still Priesting.
I saw Defleshed online yesterday, now I see Deathweaver. What are the odds?
I've been playing on and off since the vanilla beta.
07/30/2018 08:01 PMPosted by Dyalad
I saw Defleshed online yesterday, now I see Deathweaver. What are the odds?

Odds that Defleshed and I are both subbed at the same time are pretty good, as he's my main boyfriend.
I yet rumble around.
Im still here, off and on every expansion.
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Took a small break at the end of MoP, but here since classic launch.
I'm 65 and started with my son at patch 1.02. I have a Allied Warlock and Pally and a Horde Druid and Shaman, The two Allied are at 120 and the Horde are working their way their. I did take breaks, but always leveled at the beginning of each expansion and did the dungeon, heroic, and a little raiding (I don't have the time since I have a busy professional and service life and 40 employees.) Son, daughter, and my wife all dug the crap out of it and my office played.

Great team building.
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I've been around since day one of Kargath (as Sallust). Was with Grey Company during vanilla open beta in the summer of 2014 then on launch day on Korgath. If I recall correctly, Korgath went boom on day one, with Blizzard announcing it would be a couple days before it came back, so we all re-rolled on Kargath when it opened. Been here ever since, off and on. Hard to believe, but roughly 13 years ago I was spending most nights raiding Blackwing Lair with Exiles of Caer Darrow.
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Shadowraven, Shadowbanex, Nurf for a minute..

Been here since launch.

Kargath for life!


Im here since vanilla!

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Here since vanilla!

Still playing… I have gone to other games here and there, but generally still around. Still playing now, but mostly Alliance. (Go Figure.) Norf, is one of my next to bring up to 120.

Just popped back on about 3 weeks ago after taking some time away. Working on some achievements and exploring the new areas

usually come back to check out each xpac, just waiting for classic now :slight_smile: