Classic transfer restrictions

Does this mean the 90-day cooldown might be gone soon?

I’ve been invited to a realm to play on with some friends I know in person but I’m paranoid to go to a new realm, not enjoy myself, and getting stuck! I just wish I had the option to return if things don’t work out. Who knows if the grass is actually greener on the other side?

Some things I worry about are:

  • Not enough frequent grouping when friends are not around.
  • Over-populated bot farming/questing spots. They’re all over Silithus and Azshara for some examples.
  • I hope my new guild isn’t plagued with “Raid loggers”. I don’t want to play one night a week, I want to hang out more!
  • Although I believe my friends when they say they will be on and playing often… it can’t be guaranteed. if they get bored/quit/something comes up, etc, I don’t want to be stuck for 3 months.

While I’m at it, why is the cooldown so long? Is it because of Gold/Rank14/AQ Gong? Honestly, if it is… just stop those transferred characters from abusing those like you did with Achievements in retail. Put the 90-day cooldown on those instead?

Anyway, have a nice day/night!

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I don’t think so. I read it as you can choose to move to any realm.

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I’m aware of that :stuck_out_tongue:
I was asking if the 90-day cooldown will be considered to be lifted soon also.

I find it hard to believe that they’d remove the cooldown from Classic but not Retail.

Any such change is likely to be documented in the Support article, but it was not updated today to reflect such a decision.

You should have the option to create an alt character on their realm and try it out without wasting the cooldown for the time being, provided it isn’t a closed realm.

That option doesn’t really help at all. I don’t want to “restart my character” just to play with friends. It would hinder my current main that I’ve already spent months on and I’ve grown attached too. I don’t want to ditch it!

They’re not suggesting you restart the character. Simply create a new character on the new realm to allow you to get a better idea of how the realm is before you commit with the character transfer.


I don’t see how having a low level character gives you any idea of what endgame will be like. I’d have to get to 60 before I can truly “test” all the things I’m paranoid about.

Bottom line is, nobody is going to be able to give you the assurances. Realms are dynamic, they can change.

Creating a character on the new realm will enable you to join a guild and at least ask the high level characters about the concerns. You can also possibly ask on that particular realm forum too (if that exists).

As we come to the end of the current expansion timeline, my own experience is one that many within my guild are taking a break from current content.

Realm populations have historically increased at expansion launch, and the new end game benchmarks will slowly be reached as characters level, and guild raid teams start forming for progression.


Create the new character, join the guild.

See what guild activity is like etc. If you like what you see transfer your main. This is what peope are suggesting.

As to the cool down, customer support would not have any kind of info if they plan to change it. That is a developmental choice. They are here to help with current policy, not possible future policy they have exactly zero say in.


Pretty much this. Realm demographics are different at different times.
The characteristics of the population are not always the same at the beginning, middle, and end of a given expansion.

The best you can do is a little legwork to take a swag at what a realm may be like at the current time and if it’s profile suits you.