Classic TBC Prot Pally Threat Issue

I haven’t done enough BM runs to confirm there’s an actual issue, but what I think might be happening is that healing threat isn’t being properly split between the adds. If a healer casts a 3k heal, he should do 1500 threat split between each of the enemies he’s in combat with. It sure feels like instead, he’s doing 1500 threat to each individual add. I’ve gone to BM a couple of times with underleveled dps, and each time, the healer generated so much threat that a shield slam and revenge (my two highest single target threat abilities) weren’t enough to pull a single one of the triple whelp adds off him right after they spawned.

Most groups though have enough dps to kill the rift lords before people start taking so much damage that healer threat becomes an issue. It makes it kind of hard to diagnose since I hate the dungeon and don’t want to spend time wiping there to figure out exactly what’s going on.

Maybe. All I know is that any BM I did prior to this weekend I’ve had 0 issues with threat and could hold it on ele shammies pulling 600-800 dps without salv.

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Honest priest heal threat is broken IMO as well. How is the priest heals always second agro even with pumper dps in the group.


I think it is 100% random. Wiped in kara Saturday night. Came back in to do the back side and my threat was gone. Then the next morning did all of the TK dungeons with no threat. Then BM still with the issue. Finally last night it returned on our 2nd BM and was good thru SH and Slabs a few times.
No idea what is wrong but its a bad feeling enter a 5 man wondering if your going to be god mode or work your butt off to be crap

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I’ve noticed the same thing with priest threat. One flash heal and I rip aggro from Ele shaman spamming lightning bolt. Seems absurdly off.

I also am experiencing the same thing

The bug is triggered when you die with RF on, and then release spirit. Any time our tank dies but I resurrect him, he is fine.

Tanks, to avoid the bug, if you die, DO NOT RELEASE.

im also having this issue… zero threat from concecrate

I have to tank kara tomorrow night I just hope they fix it… a good start would be just UNDO the thing you did to break it…?


Soo how do I tank kara tomorrow night? Pray?


i’m still having issues with generating threat on my paladin, it’s incredibly un motivating to play the game right now, and i’m fairly sure healing threat is also bugged and not dividing heals threat throughout the enemies but rather giving every enemy the heals full threat to each individual one. healers seem to have been top threat multiple times now since saturday for my groups. so paladins not generating any threat and healers generating top threat is the new thing. unplayable, just revert whatever shenanigan’s u did Saturday i want to tank again >.>


I really hope you guys are more on top of this than just hoping you can fix a class-breaking bug. Especially since Imp Weapon Totems just didn’t work all of classic and you didn’t fix those, either.

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This seems completely true for me. Every since I’ve stopped releasing, and waited for rez, I haven’t seen this occur.

Kinda feel bad explaining I’m not being lazy to run back, but at least I don’t have to deal with the loop-d-loops of trying to fix it.

conc definitely seems broken

still getting 0 Threat from consc today :man_shrugging:, we need a fix asap

sapped all my will to play. thanks blizzard.

i have a feeling they are just going to leave it as it is too.

Ummm :eyes:

bugs remained in all of classic without being fixed. dont be naive

“Hey, we were able to reproduce it! We can work on trying to fix it now.”

“No you didn’t.”

When it comes to bug fixing, being able to reproduce is an enormous step towards being able to isolate, pinpoint, and resolve.

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ok you got me. let me know when its fixed

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