Classic Server Auction House 4 Day Shutdown

From 10AM PDT tomorrow (May 14) to May 18, every classic Auction House will be shut down. Any idea what this is for?

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for the snapshot/duping

its for swag

Sure! They’re splitting every realm into 2 realms, every character into 2 characters. What are all the rules for auction house items posted, not sold,already sold, mailing returned items, mailing gold earned, etc, etc,

Rather than create dozens of new rules, and applying all those rules to TENS OF THOUSANDS of items…why not avoid the whole thing? The AH is shut down for 4 days before the split. ALL auctions have timed out, long before the split.

Tada! You just saved tens of thousands of transactions, dozens of rules, and a whole mess of BUGS (to be handled by humans). What a sweet deal!

Look for blue posts and read them.

Pretty sure they’re being turned into a RMAH.