Classic Name claim question

So I understand tomorrow is when we all have our chance to claim character names for the server we’ll play on.
The question is, due to Classic lacking a barber shop to re-customize characters, when we name our 3 characters, will we need to keep the 3 characters we created (which may not have customization so you can speed claim asap), will the names be saved to our account for a bit like retail so we can “recreate” without fear of losing a name, or is it simply a claim and the characters used in the name claim will be deleted anyways?

Did they push it forward to the 12th?

I thought it was the 13th, considering they do everything on Tuesdays.

Monday 12th:

That’s 22:00 GMT wihch is 3PM PST, etc. that’s always been the date they’ve said it’ll happen I believe.

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I remember seeing or hearing the 13th because they literally said “It will be two weeks before launch” which is the 13th.

But that’s fine. At least I’ll be home from work about that time tomorrow.