Classic is actually GROWING

You’re still not getting it.
You keep comparing retail with classic as if they were the same game, but they’re really not.
One is the never ending wait for new content because you blew through it so fast. The other is WPvP which is always new and never gets old. Two different animals.


Well according to people who defended retail and were believing Classic to be “DoA” when it released and a few months before…

Wow is wow no matter which one you play.

So I’m getting to the point where I can’t take this contradiction >.<!!!


I think your point was completely lost. You never addresses the point your were commenting on.

Lmao at the angry classic fanboys that can’t hack retail. Sad


Then you must be stuck in a dead layer unfortunately. That happened to me in the second stress test. The realm was high pop but rarely saw anyone. It isn’t fun being on a dead layer.

On my realm, Pagle, SW is always packed with people and so are the questing zones.

I would also like to see the source for this claim.

About a week and a half to two weeks ago they made a blue post stating they were substantially raising the population cap. So what you said is the opposite of what Blizzard said.

Edit: So they increased the realm population a little less than three weeks ago. I was wrong when I originally said one and a half to two weeks ago. But still, here’s Blizzard’s post. I haven’t saw anything to state otherwise.

Edit 2: Even though you didn’t back up your statement anywhere in this thread that I see, I will at least back up mine. This is the blue post where they state that they were substantially increasing the realm population on all realms.

Now, if you have a source from Blizzard saying the opposite, I would really like to see that.


I’d be interested in a citation on that. Especially if it explains why they didn’t take the mistake out.

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They are slowly reducing the number of layers. Queue times go up with fewer layers. For example, a high pop realm with 5 layers may become a full pop realm with a queue when reduced to 3 layers.

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its about the 80/20 wpvp lel

Rob pardo, game lead at the time said in an interview it was the biggest mistake. It wasn’t integrated correctly and was a stand alone addition that really hosed balance for the game.

Arena really ruined WoW.


layers are added and removed dynamically, during the early AM all realms are low pop, even though there’s no layers, because pop is based on max amount of layers possible, not what currently exists, otherwise even the no layered realms would display full until a new layer is created

You mean 80% of the population hasn’t quit yet, as many predicted? Classic is doing about as well as I thought it would.
The naysayers just didn’t WANT it to do well because they wanted to believe that BFA was the much better game. And I think that includes many people at Blizzard who were trying to justify the modern WoW design decisions and their corresponding paychecks in order to cover their own @$$es.


How much does blizz pay?

This is also what I read. Because they had to increase the caps to let more players in to avoid the long queue times on the high pop realms

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i would love to see this debunk! cause my retal server has no cross server or sharding in old world zones and yet still suepr populated.

I find this hard to believe but okay!


Which server are you on? On mine it is an absolute zoo.


Im still playing classic, but ready to tell players in FF14 that their instances are better and more challenging.

But thats also not saying much. No MMO currently has instances easier than those in classic wow, including retail.

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you never heard of RP realms? they dont have sharding, or cross realm in old world zones.

That post is from like 3 weeks ago.