Classic Era Updated to Version 1.14.0

Why does this even affect your gameplay experience?

The only thing that should concern you is a healthy realm population because that is what makes or break an MMO like World of Warcraft Vanilla.

Also, post on your classic toon.

Everything is broken.
I have no player cast bar, minimap used since launch, broken
Heal Bot - broken
Armory - Broken
Quartz and ALL cast bar addons - broken

What a cluster eff

Because of the errors, and then the addon not functioning.

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Will you please consider reverting this patch until you fix all the stuff that broke?


public service announcement:
new world is legit af, great pvp with thought out faction system

just choose a server without a queue


Thanks a lot for the tip! It really is working!

Upon updating on Tuesday, I entered the game. All I could see was a black screen and my characters names on the right. After waiting several days to see what happened, I have been ignored. The game no longer works on my PC. It just does not work. Why would you update the system requirements on a 17 year old game and not say anything? Am I the only one this has affected?
I would wait for a reply, but I already canceled my account and deleted the game. Your customer service is trash, and I hope all the employees involved in that massive lawsuit dismantle this company piece by piece.


this is the worst week of my life


My game is completely unplayable since the update on Tuesday. My computer was only able to play Classic WoW to begin with, but if this isn’t fixed next Tuesday I would have no choice but to sadly unsub, and I really don’t want to do that. Please help!


Still doesn’t work.

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Worst change so far, by far.

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So wait, in our Classic Era servers. You know the static ones? 1.14 introduced the same garbage in BC all the PC crap, and apparently took aggressive stance from pets as well? Well what part of ERA is still ERA? Why did i pay $15 for it? TO STAY THE SAME. It is the only version on my comp, not sure for much longer, You all really suck.

I’m still seeing Aggressive stance on my pets. Not sure what you mean by PC crap though. I just wish my addons would get updated so I can actually play Era.