Classic Era Updated to Version 1.14.0

Update broke the game. Cannot turn camera consistently, cannot select players, gear graphic visuals are bugging and displaying only sometimes, all addons are broken and unlikely to be updated at this late stage. Just things I noticed in first 5 minutes. Please revert


Here to add my voice to the others regarding broken addons. Any approximate eta, Kaivax, when this might be resolved? By resolution I mean maybe reverting this change that doesn’t seem to be needed in Classic Era. Or could you go into why this change happened and was necessary? A few words about why and the reasons behind it would be helpful to me to understand.



Addons will never be fixed by Blizzard, they will remain broken until Blizzard reverts us back to 1.13 client or addon developers put in the time to make updated ones (which will not happen given how small the Era player base was).

The only update Kaivax is going to give us is when CA$H $HOP is back up.

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i read this post and just lgged in to check it out. i use only two addons (one of which is questie, and the other is a level speed timer), and it looks 100x’s better in the stock UI. my questie quest list displayed on screen is moved to the left and doesn’t clip behind the right screen action bars. the change really broke that many addons ?

Youre just getting a bunch of LUA errors because addons are broken. Happens all the time.

They changed a term “Black list” to “Block list” as an industry wide change toward removing racially loaded terms. (Did you know that saying you have " the itis" after eating a lot is racial insensitive? I didnt. Im not mad, if it makes someone else happy to see it change, what evers.

If the addon really matters, YOU could learn how to fix it. Its likely one line of code that needs to be changed. “Black list” to “Block list”.

where are the patch notes? why would you update the game without publishing them?


This is a fine example of terrible coding. Your update BROKE the classic servers. REVERT NOW!


lol, these are hyper political these days…

do you people test… anything?

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what was changed and what’s the intention here? an update with no information
things just get more bazaar by the day


New cash shop item- “make your classic addons work again: 10 dollars.”


nice work classic team guild tabards are broken on vanilla realms! thanks for everything you do to keep this beloved game alive! The fans are ever greatful :slight_smile:


the 7 people still playing on grobb because you didnt merge it with any other servers thank you for removing those racist and sexist things from a 15 year old game. you guys rock!!!


All add-ons broke.
Do you not get it blizzard?
These things work on PS!


For anyone trying to troubleshoot extreme frame-rate slowness, I identified it to be the Gathermate2 add-on. Disabling that one resolved the framerate drop for me.




why has my avartar changed?? my gnome never had black hair… wtf


Yes, but it doesnt happen in a version of WoW that depends on a stable API because there is no addon support.