Classic Era Updated to Version 1.14.0

Can’t remove this change… how else will they add microtransactions to Era?

Also, no one is coming back as long as the copy paywall - that no one even uses - exists


Guess East coast can free transfer to West coast but that’s it. Both East coast clusters are still separate.


Yeah, gonna give em some time to sort this out before I cancel or anything, but i’m gonna see what bleep is all about in the meantime. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea I don’t understand the point of how these transfers are setup, just connect everything.

was hoping for guild vaults or race change, or instant in game mail not broken addons and auto dismount.

This patch is intended to update our infrastructure, and does not include content changes. Part of the infrastructure updates requires us to update our Addon API, which can break existing addons, as any patch can.

However, while we can’t guarantee the behavior of any specific addon, it’s possible that addons currently supported in Burning Crusade Classic will now work for Classic Era. Addon authors should be able to make that determination for their specific addons.

Regarding camera and targeting issues, we suggest that you check your interface options for Camera Following Style (Esc/Interface Options/Camera) and Sticky Targeting (Esc/Interface Options/Controls). These may have changed from the setting you were expecting.

If you continue to experience issues, please report them in our Bug Report forum.

Thank you!


I dont expect blizzard to personally fix every addon they did not create. However, I do expect them to understand that addons in classic era most likey do not have any support anymore.

At this point it seems like any 1.13 addons loaded will completely break the game.

Problems I experience are when loading out of date addons seems to be:

  • not being able to click on large section of the center of the screen, imagine an invisible box that takes up maybe 75% of the center screen that clicking does not work in. This means not possible to move / turn the camera, impossible to target or interact with NPC / mailbox by clicking on it unless i click on the far edges of the game screen.

  • Spell keybindings do not seem to work what so ever.

At this point I only see a few options.

  • Can play classic era with no addons, (not ideal) but im sure whats left of the anti addon purists (all 3 of them) love this.

  • Can hope that the addon makers come back and update their 1.13 addons to work in 1.14. This is what used to happen every patch and continues to happen in other versions of wow (retail and TBCC) but is unlikely to happen in classic era since the player population has been gutted and addons have historically been maintained by the community.

  • blizzard can revert classic era to 1.13

  • the few people who played and enjoyed classic era still stop playing and it really dies for good.

Can confirm updated a lot of my addons to their TBC companions, and now all my addons are functioning! Thank you sir!

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Thanks for deleting my criticism, made the decision to cancel my 2 accounts easy. If you don’t want criticism, don’t arbitrarily break a game that you offer next to no support for and have left on life support.


Do you know if it fixes details! and item rack? are you just overwriting the 1.13 version with the 2.5.1 version? (or w/e the TBC version is)

My avatar no longer represents either my hairstyle or its color.

And really don’t see myself playing my shaman without a totem bar. Every time I begin to feel hopeful about the population recovering Blizzard screws the pooch.

Will try the TBC version of the addon and see if that works.

Re: Details!

Confirmed, TBC’s Details (most current) works on Classic Era to record dmg and healing.
You’ll continue to get the error about using the wrong version when you log in, but it works normally.

You might have to rebuild some windows if you used multiple ones, but that’s easy enough.

For the install I deleted out the old details folders from Interface/Addons entirely.
Then copied in the new TBC ones (less folders as a result). When I logged this character in (which I hadn’t done yet) all was well.

Other characters I had logged in before so, had their Details visuals set to the chrome looking default. Copying this character’s Detail’s SavedVariables.lua’s into the toons the others restored the look.

As an addon author, this is very inaccurate. in fact most authors already updated addons for 1.14.0, by making them work with 2.5.x. They literally just need to backport a few minor changes back to classic era and be done. Most addons need less than 5 minutes of work to fix just replacing a few backdrop calls and they will already be familar with the change because they already made it for TBC classic.


Thanks Who and Kaivax for your responses.
Every little bit helps.

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Well here’s hoping they do

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I believe I’ve figured out how to get Elvui to work in Classic Era. I got it to work for myself but walking a guildie thru it now to confirm.

Well don’t tease us how did you do it?!

How to get Elvui 2.18 (current TBC version) to work in Classic Era 1.14

  1. Clean install Elvui 2.18 for TBC into your addons folder
  • if you had Elvui folders in there, remove them.
  1. Within the folder ElvUI in interface/addons rename the file “ElvUI_TBC.toc” to “ElvUI-Classic.toc”

  2. Within the folder ElvUI_OptionsUI in interface/addons rename the file “ElvUI_OptionsUI_TBC.toc” to “ElvUI_OptionsUI-Classic.toc”

  3. Load game and confirm at character log-in that the game now sees the ‘Elvui-Classic’ in the addons section (and it’s options partner). If you see it, enter the game.



If you play on PvP East 1 and this helped you, I love Dreamfoil as a way to say thanks! :slight_smile: