Classic Era PVP is TERRIBLE

I’m a huge advocate for Vanilla PVP. Anyone looking to play the game, wait until fresh. The new PVP change absolutely ruined the game. Don’t waste your time, just hold out.


How would you propose a better pvp system then the degenerate ranking mafias we had previously and the current grindhouse we have now?

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What is this “PVP” you speak of?

Calm down, level 62

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Keep the old system while replacing pool boosting - there are a flat 20 bracket 1 slots available per 5000 server population.

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They will keep tweaking, but I imagine your small sense of satisfaction trying to influence other players to quit, or better yet do not try, has failed miserably.

And, I have to ask, even though your previous post hints at the futility… What makes you think a fresh server will bring about the changes you are demanding?

Also, maybe you need to take your grievance to the Wrath forums?

It literally made vanilla playable for those who do not wish to raid and don’t wanna get one shotted by those who do afk raid.

Relax guy nobody is taking your raid spot with their rank 13 gear

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When this batch of rankers is done a lot of them are going to have some gear. Maybe there will be some games after that.

Super naive to think a bunch of fresh 60s are going to spam queue AB and WSG. I mean have you played WoW BGs?

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So, you’re telling us that Classic Era is F R E S H?!

No, I’m saying other versions of the game are unplayable.

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No you used The Word! Phreshers rejoice, Classic Era is your new F R E S H Experience!™

“Fresh 60s”, sorry to get you all excited. Not the same thing unfortunately.

Says who? What do you know about F R E S H or gives you the authority to designate when that precious and totally not arbitrary phreshness is lost?

Stand firm phreshers, dont let this wet blanket ruin your FRESH!

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“I don’t swap my posting avatar frequently to hide - and deny it every time -but do say the same weird stuff over and over again.”

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It’s too late. Fresh is coming and that is not “classic era phase 7”


There was no pvp prior to the patch. Unless you count win trading, boosting, and farming pugs as pvp. Less than 100 participating on a weekly basis except for AV weekend. Not even enough to have a GM bracket.

? Sorry - so you’re saying there were no pvp on classic era prior to the new ranking system other than on AV weekend? Have you even played? I did and your statement is completely false.


When I ranked to 11 on my Shadow Priest a few months ago I downloaded honor spy. And kept it installed since just to see participation. Less than 100 participating most weeks except for AV weekend. The moment you break up the AV meta and go back to requiring pre-mades to rank efficiently pvp will revert back to that dead state.

Well obviously you, out of all people, would think there’s no pvp other than AV weekend LOL


I’m talking about actual real live numbers of participation. Less than 100 is not sustainable. And the good news is, blizzard isn’t going to do anything to break up the very high participation that exists now. Maybe in a few months they might consider some changes but very doubtful considering the success of the patch.