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Without adding them all up I think it’s safe to say 60/40 is average. Minus the extreme servers for BOTH sides that I mentioned.

There are plenty Alliance on majority of the servers to do something about BRM being camped by horde. You guys are just soft and don’t want to engage in wPvP.

Any complaint about dying on a PvP server due to PvP is complaining about PvP. There are not rules of engagement for PvP. And that is the point of a PvP server right? One side against the other?


That’s not where I want to be.


So, no accurate numbers still. That’s okay, since no one has any, but let’s not pretend like you do.

I love how Horde try to act like 60 / 40 isn’t still unbalanced, lol. As long as you have at least some advantage though, all good, right?

There are on my server, but it’s pretty balanced. Others, not so much.

Okay, I challenge you to roll Horde on Heartseeker, the one pvp server that actually has more Alliance.

Oh, and have “fun”!


AV needs to be fundamentally changed. It devolved into a PvE race a LONG time ago. There is little to no PvP happening. A simple fix would be to add a “shield” on the bosses which can only be broken by turning in something you get from killed players.


oh, is there where i make some smarmy comment about #nochanges “hurrdurr u rolled horde u knew what u were getting into, u asked for this”?


What the point of having phases and replicate vanilla experience at this point?


Horde or Ally side on BfA?


Nah, it’s mostly because you Horde carebears can only play on the easy mode faction.

If you actually wanted to be challenged you wouldn’t have rolled the faction that heavily outnumbers the other in almost every PvP server.


you know the option to defend exists, eh? you dont have to just “ride by” your opponents.


True…but I’m not sure the fix for that. I’m also not saying BGs will fix it either. I personally don’t care what happens. If i have to do 20 corpse runs to get somewhere ill do it. Doesn’t bother me. Just bothered by the amount of whining going on between both sides. Everyone has something to complain about. Just like me complaining too much whining going on.


I play horde on both.

Ally usually wins though on 1.5 :frowning:


If only you allowed the punishment of phase 2 to last a little longer. I guess I won’t be getting rank 10 before BGs come out.


Tell me to roll on an 82/18 server per ironforge. Which sure is unreliable, but its all we got. I said twice excluding the extreme servers.

60/40 is not really that unbalanced. it’s not like all 60% of the horde are sitting at BRM waiting. on a 5000 pop server that’s 3000/2000.

1000 horde aren’t the reason why you’re getting steam rolled everywhere.


AV is fundamentally broken. The best honor/rep gain is by just racing to the bosses, ending it quickly and repeat. No PvP is needed. Even if they reverted it to the very first version it would still probably be best honor/rep to just PvE race.



My only 120 is Alliance. I boosted a Pandaren monk to 110 when my friend bought me BfA (I was going to skip it), and haven’t really touched my Horde toons, which were my mains and such for years (though I started as Alliance.)

Hate PvP, but thought about trying it despite the complaints I’ve seen on GD about the event. Been far too annoyed trying to get Pathfinder. LOL

Though if it’s decent exp, might use it to level my Horde toons. Heh.


Same, I love Arathi Basin.


It’s really good experience, specially 110-120

heard it only takes 3 good runs at to get 120 from 110


the WoW game manual. Page 134 describes “dishonorable kills”:
Dishonor Points
Even among enemies as bitter as the Horde and the Alliance, there is honor. If you flaunt this honor and engage in objectionable PvP play, such as killing new players vastly inferior to you in level, or killing essential non-combat NPCs such as flight masters or quest givers, you will earn dishonor. If you accumulate enough dishonor through your criminal actions, you will be branded an outlaw. As a consequence, you’ll suffer experience penalties, lose access to your own faction cities, and become so hated even by your own kind that every faction NPC will attack you on sight.

Seemed like a good solution for ganking and grieving. What happened?


TBC is awful, flying mounts ruined WoW.



Might have to give it a go as my healy druid…

Didn’t want to bother with my Horde toons till I got Pathfinder, yay flying, and only got part 1 yesterday. Now I have to do the whole Nazjatar & Mechagon thing to get part 2. Dunno if I have the will to do so. LOL