Classic Content Unlocking in December




It was rough, great time to do it though, 15% extra rep from the anniversary til january


Yep, one side against the other… it’s all just pvp… no rules of engagement and all that, right?

I’ll take that as a no.

So pick any other PvP server that is over 60/40 in Alliance favor then …

Easy to say when it’s in your favor.

I’m not getting steamrolled anywhere. I didn’t join any of the sweaty servers. I knew you guys would end up playing with yourselves.

I’ve been looking forward to BGs, but I didn’t want content rushed out any more than it already has been. Too bad.


That sounds like it would have the makings of a good bounty system. Woulda been fun…


Yeah. That helped on my faction reps for Pathfinder LOL.

Not sure I’ll get it all finished before my sub time runs out, though. Heh.


Check out prime time, 7pm Tuesday night, on Fairbanks, one of the highest population servers, with one of the most severe faction imbalances.

1 Raid group, making it in.

Sure, the point of the poster was, “Look at this. We have to fight our way in.” But c’mon people, it’s pretty easy to look at it as in, “Look, we have a battle. All we have to do is group up, and we can make our way in - even into the most camped area during the busiest possible time.”

When people say “unplayable” ask them for more details. It seems to be, “I cannot go farm Black Lotus, solo without getting killed,” or “I tried to run ZF in Tanaris, and I got killed. I mean, I’m level 44, and by myself. Why are 5 level 60s killing me? That’s not PVP.”

THAT’s PVP!!!. Literally, that is exactly PVP.


That’s great. But can you give us an actual answer as to when the keyring will be available to players? Is it coming out with the battlegrounds in December? Or is it being released with BWL?


took about 2 weeks without bonus’s, for timing


Will we be able to join the BG’s as a raid or group? or was that a later addition. I cant remember.


Splendid news, and honestly the only good move to make. Excited to finally get some BG time on twinks!


Yeah, that kind of thing should be expected (and fun).

Nah, that’s not the stuff I was talking about. I’ve heard much worse (including some exploits… which seriously? they already outnumber and still have to exploit… that’s sad, pathetic really).

I didn’t want to see content rushed out either. I just get tired of the same lame nonsense being posted by people who know they have the advantage but try to pretend like they don’t.


I am predicting it now, the whining will shift to BG’s, once they are released.
Christ, history repeating itself. Blizz catering to the pvp whiners, once again.
I will have to re-consider if I still want to be a part of classic anymore or at the very least switch to the horde and slaughter the whiners who seem incapable of helping themselves.


Since AV and WSG came out in patch 1.5 will the original battlemasters be available or will they be moved to major cities as they where in future patches?


Good question. I was able to queue WSG from SW during the stress test, so I’d guess cities.


Please tell me this includes the key ring!!!

Let the people know!


I really hope that is not the case. Bring people out into the world and queue where the entrances are where you can get involved in finding others who are participating. instead of everyone hiding away in their major cities playing the queue game like retail. Only leaving the major city to teleport to raids/dungeons then back to sitting in the city. This is 100% against Classic where the world should feel alive.


From what I have seen in game they are both in cities and at the entrances. If I recall correctly we still have to go to the bg entrance for the specific faction gear, can’t get that from the cities.


Agreed. That’s what I was looking forward to as well. Was surprised to see the battlemasters available… maybe it was just for testing.


About time. Force these weak horde who can only win a fight 5v1 or corpse camp lowbies for their honor into a fair fight.

Get ready for the horde to continue whining about the release of BGs when they proceed to get stomped.

No world PvP on my Horde PvE server where I can kill anyone at any time without consequence because there’s a 5:1 ratio in every zone? Wahhh


There’s a positive and negative aspect to this being released so early.

Positive being that servers with a horrendous balance can finally have a sense of fair pvp that isn’t 1v5 or 5v20. Alliance can’t farm honor without being outnumbered 5 to 1 and Horde struggle to farm honor cause most alliance either sit in Ironforge all day or are camped to the point where they give 3 honor at the 2nd or 3rd kill.

Negative being that Blizzard is catering to the whiners that are stuck on those inbalanced servers and speeding classic along extremely fast. I do hope once phase 3 comes out Blizzard can slow down on the phases to allow progression and time gearing in BWL and world bosses.

I personally welcome the earlier BGs, although BWL and DMF shouldn’t be out till at least April/May, instead of the February that they’re planning.