Classic Content Unlocking in December


Same, it’s hands down my favorite BG. I’m not a huge fan of BGs but that one holds a special place in my heart.


Thanks heal bot.


Wow this sucks.
We’ll have Cataclysm in 6 months


I mean, you aren’t wrong. But they are players. And theres a damn lot of them whining lately.

They were all “Us PVP servers are going to put the War in Warcraft” pre Phase 2. Then Phase 2 hits and its “Im dying too much to the opposing faction. Fix it blizzard!”

This whole rollercoaster has been hilarious to watch honestly.


I enjoy both rushing nodes and defending them. A well played AB is one of the best BG experiences. Even better when it’s all about like 10-100 points deciding. Rough if you lose and exhilaration if you win.


Imbalance numbers are far exaggerated. There’s a few servers that have an extreme to one side. It’s yalls fault for rolling a PvP server and not expecting PvP to happen, then not grouping up and coordinating to do anything about it. Just hit the forums and whine and complain as usual.


DM was released early in the EU builds, and the gear doesnt change anything considering the patch we are already on.


PLEASE , PLEASE tell me we are not using the 1.12 AV and we are going to 1.7 or even better 1.5 . I BEG THEE BLIZZARD


Nope, 1.12, if you want the good AV, go to retail til January.


Unfortunately they confirmed long ago that it’ll be 1.12 AV


Oh, the irony!


we really appreciate it, thanks for listening.


The fix should have been and could have been to the severe imbalanced factions.


Imagine being Alliance and thinking anything you say about horde complaining to hold any ground. Yall are pathetic. You will still get rolled in the open world and you will get rolled in BG’s.

The main problem is Blizzard caving to whiny brats.

(Galdor) #156

No, we’re not. The playerbase is far more advanced than they were in the original timeline of Vanilla WoW.

The Classic playerbase is far more geared in 80 days than the Vanilla playerbase was in 136 days. I tried to tell you that Blizzard is following the communities progression when deciding to release new content but you can’t seem to comprehend this fact. This is how they said they’ll be doing it months ago.

Time is not the better factor in deciding a Vanilla like experience, looking at how many players have completed the content before moving forward is.


This is fantastic news, thanks Blizzard. AV is the cherry on top.

BGs happened on a PvP server!


It is extremely funny, put the bum rush AV in classic, meanwhile I summoned Icelord on retail, what is this World (of Warcraft) coming to.



I don’t recall anyone complaining about PvP happening, just being grossly outnumbered.

No dog in this fight, but I’d agree with you if it were just typical complaints, because I hate that content is getting rushed out. You have to be able to see that the game is unplayable for some on imba mega servers though. Guess you should have rallied with those people instead of all trotting out the same, tired line: “pVP On PvP SeRvEr” huehue.


Butbutbut that’s part of pvp! (says the guy on the side that’s grossly outnumbering the other side)

We knew from launch that there was vastly more horde on pvp, blizzard apparently chose to ignore it when it got really bad though, and this is their fix.


I started playing vanilla wow back in the day. There was already 3 BG so i dont see any problem with this. There was still world pvp but it was much more balance back then.
Its only fun now for the horde. Every w pvp battle go like this.
First may be 10vs 10 for few minuteS then its 30 vs 10 out of no where.
Alliance just dont have the number to have fun in wpvp right now.