Classic Content Unlocking in December


What occurred on imbalanced servers this last week wasn’t a case of whining. It was legitimate complaining.


I’d have no problems with 60/40 ally server. Cause horde would still be camping ally because ally don’t coordinate and actually participate in world pvp.

And a 1000 player difference really is not a big deal. there isn’t 1000 players at any 1 point in time.

We can go round and round. End of the day Blizzard caved to Alliance crying about PvP on PvP servers.

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Before summer, at this rate it’s [Naxx] due by April


Did anyone think Blizzard wouldn’t release BGs during the holidays? that’s a good idea on their part. People on a heavy nostalgia trip would have them release BGs March or some other tone deaf date.

You are lucky they even did the artificial time gating.


Have you found one yet?

How would you know when you haven’t played on any where you don’t have the advantage?

It was probably tears from Horde on Heartseeker. I just don’t know why they aren’t having fun…


Rip, well you can put Classic back into blizzard, but you cant get rid of the BFA mindset, worst news since release. #NoChanges


Fam, look at the forums over the last couple weeks. Littered with alliance making posts how the game is unplayable and their quitting unless BG’s are released or faction queues are put on.

Just because you’re in denial doesn’t mean it ain’t the truth.


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Put timegating in for content (dailies and their successors, etc): people complain.

Release a game a game that has essentially no timegating beyond weekly honor calculations and raid resets: people burn through the game like a 10K knife. And then people still complain.

The World of Warcraft community as a whole (Classic and Retail) is seriously the worst community in gaming.

Just release Naxx and the rest of the content for Christmas, people will down KT before New Year’s Day.


Did you guys even look at the game’s original timeline?

I have a better idea. Why don’t we just unlock all content up front? Why even bother with silly phases if we’re going to rush through them?


Don’t you even put this on the players. The faction imbalance on some realms are ruining the game experience for some.


What stops you from doing wPvP after the BGs are out?


Ain’t that the fault of the players too?

Can’t tell if troll or not.


You are obviously trolling yes? So you’re saying it’s the players fault for not rolling horde? I’m confused.
The horde are just scared cause they’re gonna get steamrolled every BG they do. They can’t 15v1 anymore.


Players have a choice. Choices have consequences.


Their brain


At this rate, it seems the development plan for Classic WoW is merely a planned funnel into retail.

Let me makes this very clear, 95% of the classic player base will NEVER touch retail, and if they do, the constant dailies and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that resonates throughout retail will stop most classic players from ever playing your retail game.

PLEASE, stop attempting to rush this game into it’s last “phase” before we’ve even had a chance to experience the current content. Do not listen to people playing 100+ hours a week stating the game is boring due to lack of content. The game is boring for them due to rushing end-game content and 60 ASAP.

There’s a large playerbase of “casual” players in Classic. I have 3 level ~35 characters that I have yet to decide a main on. Am I raiding MC? No. Am I Raid logging? No. I’m enjoying the game on my personal journey. For a casual non-60, the phase releases thus far have been extremely concerning. If we continue at this current rate, we will have completed the entire “Classic WoW Phase Plan” within a year of launch.

If you want to run a successfully “legacy” MMO, for the long term, take some notes on how content has been released over the course the last 5 years in Oldschool Runescape (OSRS). When the game released in 2013, no one ever expected “Raids” in Runescape. There are now 2 different instanced raids, additional continents, and consistent development through player feedback.

No, Jagex isn’t perfect either. They make plenty of oopsie-woopsies. But for the love of Thrall, please slow the fudge down.


This is their way of saying we messed up by putting x2 the players on servers without increasing the amount of guards. While also allowing World PvP to happen on badly ratio servers.

According to the numbers my server is 65% Horde and 35% Alliance over all, and in the “peak hours” it spikes to 79% horde and 21% Alliance. It’s not PvP at that point. It’s logging in and getting killed in town even. (When we started it was 52% Horde 48% Alliance… all the Alliance transferred and now quitting so it’s getting worse everyday)

Blizzard messed up big! So they are trying to keep people happy by giving them candy before dinner is over… because half the dishes are spoiled and making everyone sick.


Sooooo…BGs by 2020.

Got a few people who won that pot.


everyone complaining about wpvp accidentally selected a pvp server on character creation i guess. sad that they’re the ones being catered to


Rushing out the BGs is the worst idea ever. people play classic wow for the experience of it, and cutting world PvP short is canceling the classic wow experience.
yeah, its tough being alliance on this server right now. Being camped at every flight point is infuriating, but its part of the experience. A very important part of the experience. If you can’t handle the experience, then Mr. “you think you do, but you don’t” was correct.
Fight back! kill the horde, if you’re alliance.
If you’re horde, you’re already killing alliance, so good job, keep it up.
Don’t lose out on the experience of Classic wow, you’re supose to be over joyed when winning, and extremely frustrated and angry when losing. then you take that anger and refocus it into the face of your enemies! hopefully you’ll win, and if they out number you, get friends! If you have no friends, go make some friends!
bringing out BGs this early is just stupid, ruining the game, imo, its world of warcraft not world of BGs craft