Classic Content Plan


Sorry Blizz, I have been here since BC, and have played every expansion, patch and instance since 2005, but you finally lost me… 5 hour queues… with no offer of realm transfers… I have 5 children and 4 of them play the game and we cannot even play together. I have defended you throughout all the missed marks through the years, but I can t defend you through this.
It has been a slice, but goodbye. thanks for not paying attention to your core


Replaying old content is fun an all, but it would be even better to add additional content that’s in the style of classic.


Join a different server, leave the big main servers. Other servers you can get in with no queue.


Agreed, I am firmly in the classic+ camp

I dont mind BC and it made a lot of good balance changes, but i do not want the majority of old world content to be invalidated and do not want a lot of the systems that were added wiith BC such as flying, daily quests, vehicle quests, the end of sprawling mega dungeons the list goes on


So Sunday afternoon - here we go again … DC - black
screen log in … FFS


I think the best option there is to make each expansion rollout it’s own thing, with imported characters.

If it’s to remain in the same “classic” client, a dropdown in the realmlist to select the expansion could work.

Could this fracture the ‘classic’ community? maybe, but people do have their ‘favorite’ expansion.


A suggestion:

Players will undoubtedly be saving the materials needed for the War Effort… What if one of the changes put in place for this means that the required items change, or the amount of items needed changes?


Seems legit.


I’d rather eat hot coals than play a game that is intentionally, and radically krabbified by its creators. I’m out.


What phase will the fishing tourny start in? never done it before, never even did fishing until my current classic hunter, and im having fun with it.


Amazingly true statement here! RED SNAPPA!


the one thing blizz has wrong is the nerf on xp when your grouped up, when the game demands you to play with others normally and at the end and in pvp. there should be no nerf or even a small bonus.


CAN WE GET AN UPDATE on the pvp system already?

That list hasnt been updated since march. its freaking september.

How hard is it to add the honor tokens and put the gear back in? did you really lose all the information needed to implement it? are you trying to decide if you want to cross-realm or not?

Classic isnt complete without the rank system.

Answers plox


Honor system is phase 2, AV and WSG are phase 3.


Please move DHKs to phase 3.

Vanilla PvP content:

  • Launch: No structured PvP content
  • patch 1.4: PvP honor system
  • patch 1.5: BGs + DHKs

Classic PvP Content

  • Phase 1: No structured PvP content
  • Phase 2: PvP honor system + DHKs
  • Phase 3: BGs

The DHKs are being introduced early in Classic. To better match vanilla experience, Classic DHKs should be moved from phase 2 to phase 3.


The Classic PvP content plan has it’s own thread


I would like to know what the debuff cap is on raid bosses currently, and what changes are going to be implemented over time with debuffs as well. Affliction warlock needs to know XD, thanks!


Hopefully you don’t just let this game die when all phases are met.


Get battlegrounds rolling asap. Thank you.


i cant help but feel this will follow same as retail
they will hold back phases till the absolute MAX people will play b4 getting mad
once we start getting mad and quitting
phase 2
BFA style : /
maxes out the /played you know