Classic Content Plan


Classic+ would be unbelievably amazing. The raise in level cap and obsoleting all the 60 content is kind of what ruined WoW for me (when TBC came out). That said, I’ll still take TBC/WoTLK over anything Cata and up.


Agree 100%. Obsoleting all the 60 content is what drove me away too.


I know guild banks were not in the base game at launch but is there any reason not to have them in now. After all are they not just a good way to build more relationships and grow guilds.


I think guild banks would be perfectly acceptable. It’s not something that’s going to interfere with the “classic experience”, at least in my opinion.


Classic Content Plan:
Don’t make any servers


Hunter pets arent narrowed down so much and we have quivers again! This… this is World of Warcraft, back in the all or nothing days. The moment i saw my archery skill raise i literally remembered my first day out of beta all over again. Thank you Blizzard. Makes a lot of us remember different days and relive them.


Wake the … up Blizz


phase1 (classic launch)

  • login boss
  • disconnect boss
  • even longer login boss


why? because you want to see incomplete content coming out so you can complain that its not working right? be PATIENT you will be rewarded in the long run


First off I want to say thank you for bringing us Classic WOW. Nostalgia aside, the original game made you earn every moment, and that is what I enjoyed most.

I guess the reason for this post is this: As you roll this out, could you maybe include more objects, like the books on the shelfs have more historical content that fills in some of the backstory? I liked being able to search out those little easter eggs and always wished there were more of them. I don’t think that this would take away from the original game but would add even more depth. Thanks!


do us a favor kill army boxers.


They could def make new tier sets with different optimazation and set bonuses to give the meta a shake up. I would olay this gane forever if they did classic plus. Also release the azshara bg maybe some emerald dream stuff that was cut for time. Theres so much they could do.


ty blizzard can’t wait.


I am with you 100%!! But I suspect there aren’t that many of us. :neutral_face:


All I would want is to stop at Burning Crusade,it had way more content and was more lively ,it’s quite empty right now in cities and stuff(npc wise).
Lich seems too far from Classic ,so BC is the best thing to stop at in a year or two.

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There’s waaaaaay too many people already on. This is much, much, much slower than classic was. At least adjust the respawn rates to account for the larger populations.


awesome . can not wait for every phase and phase 7, the timeline continuing, WITHOUT destroying the magic of the existing design and pacing. whether that means a completely new season from level 1 and any changes and additions or a means of copying your level 60 as it is at the end of phase 6. You guys under the incredible wisdom of omar and the voice of the players will get it right!! Infinite Gratitude. We need this medicine to heal our shattered minds.


Will the AQ gates opening event reward the black crystal mount?

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No mention of Expansions? Are we going to get BC, WOLK etc.?


Sorry Blizz, I have been here since BC, and have played every expansion, patch and instance since 2005, but you finally lost me… 5 hour queues… with no offer of realm transfers… I have 5 children and 4 of them play the game and we cannot even play together. I have defended you throughout all the missed marks through the years, but I can t defend you through this.
It has been a slice, but goodbye. thanks for not paying attention to your core.