Classic Content Plan


I don’t remember it being that, I remember it being another source of loot on a seperate reset on par to slightly better than MC gear to speed up gearing. It’s released in the same slot/time frame it originally came out releasing it early just makes MC less relevant

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ZG was designed for a catch up opportunity. Releasing it earlier would severely hurt the experience of 40 man raiding.


You know, this has been a long awaited announcement from blizzard that most if not all veteran players have been wanting. Regardless of the purest out there and the next gen folks whatever blizzard decides to give us will be a most welcomed addition to the blizzard gaming community. So for the purest folks if someone wants to have an add-on that helps them form groups for raids and dungeons let them have it as long as the actual LFG and LFR tab from the retail version doesn’t make its way into classic you should be happy. No one is forcing you to download that add-on. And sharding purest please, blizzard is just wanting to make so everyone can play right at launch not wait in a que for 45 mins just to log in and wait another 45 mins just to create a character. Sure it may take away from the “pure classic feel” but I have an idea of how you can recreate that how about when you launch the game you type in your info and set a timer for say 30 mins then press enter then repeat this process when you get to the character creation screen :slight_smile: is that classic enough for you. Back on sharding sure it takes away from the whole “server are now open quick try and kill stuff…oh poop someone tagged that mob…dang that one too…man this sucks I can’t kill anything…(this goes on for an hour with slight progression being made ) then finally you get to turn in your quest and oh look the next set of mobs you need is guess what being camped for other players who recently turned in the quests) I’m sure there are some out there who want to do nothing more than sit in the starting zone for hours and wait for their mobs to spawn only to have a few ganked from them at the last moment…sounds fun woooo…NOT. Not to mention blizzard has already stated (not sure where possibly at the blizzard con announcement or on a Q&A session) that sharding won’t be around forever just until the mass majority of players get out of the starting areas and more spread out over the continent. To me blizzard is bending over backwards in attempts to get older players back into the game they loved. So instead of complaining about a few minor details be happy with the fact we are getting Classic in less than 9 days. I for one day thank you blizzard for being awesome and reimagining and recapturing my childhood memories of this game. I look forward to what you all do next. And given the success of this client we may even see more “classic “ versions to f our favorite expansions to come the future has infinitely many possibilities


Welcome to the classic side of things where survivability and resource management was what it took to be a decent player

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This is why some of the whinners don’t like it, because given enough time, other players besides those in little cliques can be good too.


I agree with this whole heartily. I believe blizzard is correct in their line of thinking by phase 2 atleast 30% of the populations will drop due to the whiners leaving and what a glorious day it will be.


Is there a forum where we can talk about new content for wow classic? I know a lot of people think it can’t be done but I would love to see good things added to the classic experience, such as new dances, name plate templates, achievements, MOBA style battle ground (15vs15), a lv60 cap TBC but with no flying mounts, also new maps and raids and that kind of thing. I plan to finish all the classic content within a couple of years so it would be good to see something new added to the game to give it a edge but not change the game mechanics like talents, spell and ability’s.


Nah dude. I plan on playing at work and at home. I’m here to be the very best, like no one ever was!
Don’t make the rest of us wait because you’re not as passionate about the game as we are, you dirty carebear!


As I read these messages, what seems to be missing is the type of original WoW player I have always been, an explorer and story fanatic with zero interest in PvP or even in most dungeons. Will the Classic system in text chat again “translate” posts from the opposing faction into unreadable exotic language? Will there be books to collect? Will players sympathize with the workers who built the Stomwind cathedral but never got paid? In other words, are there any “players” left for whom WoW is a virtual world with marvelous lore rather than a competitive game?


Isn’t phase 6 part of TBC? if so then this wont stay Classic? memory is fuzzy but as soon as the war efforts ended I do recall TBC launching within that year.

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Perhaps you’re mixing up parts of the AQ War Effort and something like the Dark Portal Invasion? I’m not sure, but in any case, the AQ War Effort released with patch 1.9. For context, the last major content patch before the Pre-BC patch was 1.12 with Naxxramas.

It was actually just less than a year + a week after 1.9 dropped that Burning Crusade released, but there was still quite a lot of content left for vanilla as of the war effort.

Also, there are currently no plans to bring Classic up to BC. They’re open to the idea of having Burning Crusade servers if the demand is there, but even if so, chances are very good that they will be on separate servers. As of now, at least, the plan is to bring back all of the content up to and including Naxxramas and then have them stay that way. No need to fear about Burning Crusade cutting your time short!


Looking for friends to play classic with add me and message me if you wanna roll together!


The addon situation is very simple and easy to fix for blizzard. A few servers with no addons and some servers with and adjust from there depending on player count and how many favor each side.


Or Add Addons DL directly from the main menu, so people can decide if they want to opt out of them or not… I always hated having to find a Third party to use them…


Request: Old honor system, restricted access to the PVP gear shop until a certain rank is achieved.


just promise us this.

1- nothing getting retail stupid easy mode
2- no feeding gear.
3- not nerfing content because they cant apply : recount > use your head method
4- being mercyless on gold seller, ban credit cards not the accounts.
5- keep the game challenging
6- not adding bfa and junk stuff in classic.
7- ignore the 200 elite with too much time on their hands and ignore those who want to “privatise” raiding and pvp.
8- make sure at least 60% of the entire classic players( ALL SERVER INCLUDED INTHE 60%) have cleared content before releasing new stuff.
9- 1pc 1 client


why? you scared a to lose in a pvp match?


Please accelerate PvP content rollout plan (battlegrounds specifically, not rewards). Decouple from dungeon content plan. Access to battlegrounds earlier would be a huge benefit. Also bring in some (or better, all) of the battlegrounds that didn’t exist originally. Absolutely no harm in some additional variety of matches as we grind :wink:


What if instead of BC they do a whole new expansion taking place after classic


I believe that is what people are referring to as “Classic+” and that option is on the table. But it sounds like BC would be more likely. But count my vote for Classic+ !!!