Classic Content Plan


They arn’t…


Not whining at all, just saying that warlocks wont be able to get dreadsteed until phase 2, i am gonna level a warlock as my main, maybe that is how it was in vanilla, dreadsteed quest added in later patch, been so long i forgot, and when i hit 60, only did molten core and i think part of ahn quaraj, then tbc came out. Please correct me if i am wrong


Im not gonna complain free lvl 40 mount makes up for waiting.


Please wait 1 month before putting MC and ONY access into the game.

Prevent the no-life racing and give everyone an even start for raid loot, and time to level up and run dungeons, etc.

First week of OCT or last week of SEPT please. Just rewarding 2 week speed runners who won’t step foot outside or to work otherwise.


Please don’t hold off. I want the no-life racing people to burn bright, burn hard, and burn out, so that we don’t have to deal with their complaining that BWL will take 8 months.


Why not have progressive classes/talents, but have a full honorless pvp phase, a bg-less phase, and the old way of mounts being more expensive than training? Makes no sense; it’s clear Blizz wants an “early days” experience with the latter, why not have classes/spells/talents the same way like the servers that shall not be named started on 1.4?

I guess that 1.12 might be better for getting current retail players to catch on though. In the end even those server eventually reached 1.12 so it’s not the end of the world, but I don’t see why Blizz couldn’t try that in the future.


I would enjoy an honor-less phase, or an honor reset in the first few phases.


Please tell me that Kazzak will be able to be kited to org or SW like he used to be.


Sounds awesome, thanks! I was there for day 1 of Vanilla, you may need to open more realms! Kek! Also, a good idea is to release the update patches just as you did 2004-6 including changes to talents. One seriously big request on my part - please don’t have “Thief catchers” everywhere - ganking via rogue in the AH was aweso…I mean… they seriously limited the fun that world PvP had to offer!

P.S. Thanks for doing a Vanilla WoW - those really were fun times, got plenty of fond memories :slight_smile: can’t wait to relive the nostalgia!

P.P.S Allow us to use pets to get the bomb from MC and unleash upon unsuspecting citizens of the AH :smiley:


Nope. He was leashed long before 1.12.

(Varián) #590

He’s Asmonrawr now. Some guildies died laughing.

For the rest, I only arrived after WoD dropped and only did antorus and some emerald nightmare when legion was current. (Aside from farming old raids with max level toons.) I had a blast on the stress test. The old variations of zones and quests were new to me as well as the way skils and ammo and stuff worked. I may or may not acquire the skills to raid in this less pampered version of things, but feels good playing a Warcraft game that plays like an RPG.

(Varián) #591

Videos still up on youtube if you need to see them again. Guildies and I watched them just tonight while connecting and disconnecting. :slight_smile:
Kazzak in Stormwind:

Some dragon I forget in Orgrimmar:

Metal Gear:
Soap commercial with 10x the views of the others combined:
(Nothing bad or controversial in any of them.)


i hope you gona do like oldschool runescape or the old school dofus serveur and do exclusive content for classic , and make update . plz dont broke it like the live version


lets see more of this and keep it updated along the way


Dear Blizzard,

As someone who has been playing WoW since it has originally come out, I would like to remind you that you said you wanted an authentic experience. Now from your own developers regarding classic they have stated that there would only be minor quality of life changes (i.e. chat, or simple UI changes) which were going to be added to the game. When it comes to something like Alterac Valley you have to understand that some people did not always raid & do dungeons, and many people played for the long epic (Conquest like battles). You can’t have an authentic experience in Classic ever if you do not listen to the community. Many people might not remember how the game used to be, but I hope that I am speaking for most PvP’ers in the sense that if you do not take care of the PvP’ers the game will be worth playing for most. You don’t promise us a cake, and give us dirt & I sure do not want to wait a year and a half for you to announce that you are going to make an authentic AV either. @blizzard please take the time to respond to posts like this one, or the one attached as this can be detrimental to the success of your game even.

This is one portion of the game, but you need to create classic for the whole community & not just part of it. If anyone else agrees with the above or the below forum post, please do not let this go without a fight. It isn’t a demand, this is just harping on what was promised/expected from the development team. I also want to thank the Development team for bringing this back for us all, but let’s get this right the first time & you will have the longevity that you are hoping for. Other games have been successful with doing so, and you can too. Thank you for your time. If anyone would like to take a look, the AV post below is what made me write this.


Well said.


Maybe we’ll get the corrupted blood outbreak again. :joy:


I played in vanilla and we had the best Challenge x Reward ever, the game was really exciting, but lets agree that the graphics was terrible compared with the nowdays technology. Let’s join the best of the two worlds pls. I was about to drop my subscribe from wow when you raised the idea of classic wow. Even without playing i kept that to help with the lauching.


I like this plan overall, but I’m confused about one point. Why is Zul’ Gurub getting released so late? It was designed as a way to ease people and guilds from 5 man dungeons to 40 man raids. It was a lot of fun and it would make sense for it to be available for people to do before Molten Core.


It came later timeline wise.

Mechanically it would severely diminish the challenge of a bunch of raids having access to the gear from it earlier than scheduled.