Classic Content Plan


Old school pvp > arenas.


are there any changes happening to AV


I like alot of what I am seeing when it comes to the content we will see rolled out for classic, and kinda hoping that we might see maybe a dedicated TBC sever instead of the classic sever roll into the TBC era. I say this as I like both Vanilla wow an TBC for different reasons an styles of play they offered.

Also though i am wondering could we see some content additions added on at the end of the planned content timeline, like events or raids/dungeons that were abandoned at the time for time constraint issues. One reason I wonder if we might see this is that classic would have a finite lifespan, compared to if they added some content that had been abandoned yet was being developed for classic to expand that finite life span further.


Dear Blizzard Peoples, Thank you very much for 1.5 decades of distraction from RL. Many years ago my brother suggested that we go to this “release thing” for this “amazing game that was coming out about Warcraft”. We arrived early at the game store by total accident and got into line behind a few people. To our surprise the line got really big and the store had to explain to people that not everyone could get a copy. We gathered our purchase and went home to install the several discs on our one family computer that 5 of us shared. We had a phenomenal time, gathered on stools around a single computer and eventually purchased individual computers so we could all play our accounts at the same time. This trend of enjoyment carried on for many years but over time the strong social connection that we had with other players has diminished because we lacked a need to organize into groups and rely on each other within the game environment.
I was very happy to hear that you have a strategy for the deployment of Classic and I’m hoping that it re-unites us in an interdependent struggle and flashback to a very immersive experience.

I’m wondering if you would consider releasing the phases at a third of the original rate because the average player, in a decent raiding guild, never finished the original content or rarely visited what most of the world had to offer. I realize that this consideration would throw the hardcore players into a tantrum but I request you consider it because many of us have aged slightly over the past 15 years and now have responsibilities that will influence our ability to immerse ourselves the way we did in 2004. I look forwards to visiting with all of you online over the next few months. Happy summer experiences.

Ps: This is still one of the coolest things I have ever seen, thanks for reawakening it


Good job on the phases. :+1:t2:


My absolute favorite raid was Karazhan. Any plans to add 10-man raid content in future phases of classic? Keeping it level 60 content? I recognize Kara was level 70 content.

Just a thought…


You should keep trowing content until we finish all the Expansion. Modify gear for it to be relevant through all the Expansion and opening content slowly will be the key. I don’t know, is a hard job for Blizzard. Hope you guys figure everything out, we are exited to play Classic and More.




i play on the classic bata but i noticed one thing that i couldn’t do , it was patch for good reason. i dont know when. but it was in classic , burning afk player with a cooking fire pit


Awesome! Can’t wait to play through all of this, thanks for the update!


Please respond to the outcry for an RP-PVP server. You’ve been silent on the matter.

Please give some kind of acknowledgment.

We are feeling pretty ignored here.


(Jazimin) #571

Is there any official word on which add ons will be allowed in game to start?


All that work. There has been no official statements about any addons that will be banned yet, only possibilities about types of addons that may be banned if they become a problem.


I thought in the original release that Lionheart pattern was a world drop from high level mobs?


being that classic is never going to progressive past the normal stuff it had prior to BC hopefully AQ gates opening wont be a limited event in this version since after all why bother doing it if only a few will actually get a chance to earn the black bug and or title this time around?

I mean its not like the old vanilla version which eventually moved on to BC etc cos this time as I said AQ is basically one of the last few patches originally added to the game content for this server so hopefully it wont be treated same as before

let it be an event that is open to any player that makes it to lvl 60 and silithus content and not just be a limited event for the first few that speed thru it all leaving others no chance to get it themselves after all it wouldn’t diminish the worlds first thing cos that happened years ago in the first opening of the gates


Because it’s a challenging experience that requires coordination from many people and should be exclusive those who have managed to organise it?

All you get is a black mount. Why dilute that?


They need to give us a hard number of months. I don’t like that the phases come willy nilly. I like to have more than one 60 set up before PvP starts along with professions and if we have no idea what is coming when how can we truly enjoy our gear and gadgets to the fullest?


I am afraid they will just pay attention to the loud minority. The people that play 24/7 and want to move on in the content super fast.


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Woah woah woah, how are warlocks supposed to get their epic class mount early on with dire maul being in p2?