Classic Content Plan


The excitement in this threat is contagious!


no sharding plz. at all


Maybe you could add this in before outlands?
Add the forest trolls of zul’aman to the horde. They were fighting with the High Elves, who were allied with the alliance at the time. The blood elves would be a splinter group, still with the horde, based in outlands region. the blood elves would be more Fel based as they follow kael’theas, and would resemble more of the box art with customizable runes on the face, and on the hands. The zone story arc of zul’aman would be The forest the trolls beating back the high elves who have encamped the region to reclaim their zone. the forest trolls would then progress into the ghostlands in awe of how much of it has changed. This would be a contested area. you could add capturable defensive wards of silvermoon, and this would maintain an ever existing struggle between the forest trolls and the high elves in the zone. This setup would see more utilization of Quel’Thalas as well as some lower level pvp in the ghostlands.

Forest Racials: plus to stealth, + poison damage, elf slayer +20% to killing elves (2% against players? due to their hatred of elves) + to leather working and skinning or + herbing and alch
Zul’aman dungeons could change depending on faction perspective. alliance: zul’aman remains the same. Horde: it is the High elves / High elves who are invading and u must squash that invasion.


Thank you for the game… i dont know what is going to be my caracter. I usually have a Dwarf Warrior… but hmm, maybe i will try human (but i dont know the class).


I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this already (sorry if so), but will you potentially be releasing the original unarmored epic mounts for a limited time like vanilla when it launched? I think they were only out for a few months in the very beginning but it was cool to try and get one in the limited time we had.


There’s been a few posts and threads on it but as it stands, no, they will not be releasing the unarmored versions.


Yeah, and it’s very sad. We’ll live, but I don’t think adding it would hurt anything. Classic is 1.12. We are using 1.12 talents for the entirety of the game…can’t really make an excuse. Classic is already a modified version of Vanilla.


I’m excited about the release of classic, I just hope the gap from announcement to release doesn’t kill the momentum, still having to choke down BFA until classic and I hope others don’t get burned out.


Just throwing my hat in the ring here for what it’s worth. I feel cross realm PVP battlegrounds are a poor choice for WoW Classic. So much of the classic game was the community, and even though it helped in some servers with faction balances, the idea of taking away the ecosystem of realms through PVP being cross realm would cause more damage than what it’s worth for the people that yearn for classic WoW. Knowing you’re facing the same population of people every time is meaningful to players in a way that’s difficult to quantify.



They were introduced in patch 1.12

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Give it everything you got Blizz!


yes my damn Arcanist Boots never did drop after several months…


I resubbed just for wow classic. If they do ever add expansions up to wrath… that would be amazing. As Wrath was when Wow was the most popular. and I am looking forward to old school world pvp!


I completely agree. By the time I finished my 0.5 set, I got REALLY sick of hearing “why don’t you just run MC??” Is there an angle I don’t understand? Why release a difficult, expensive quest chain for an inferior set so late? If it’s releasing WITH AQ, it should be good enough FOR AQ… And 0.5 is not even close. (Although I wore it in AQ 20 during vanilla because my guild was willing to carry me and it was all I had.)


So are we also going to get other expansions like BC? Yea know the ones that did not ruin the game in the first place?


will lionheart helm and stronghold gauntlets be added at launch )can drop off rag and ony) or much later?


the onslaught girdle as well, all can drop from Rag but I do not believe they were added until much later in the game, so not sure if they will be available in phase 1


Will burning crusade follow or not?


Without arena, wtf is the point of adding pvp…


Authenticity? Old school PVP? Arenas suck.