Classic Content Plan


Before my time but I read that the Thorium Point FP made the Key To Searing Gorge redundant but the quest stayed for many years

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Just a question, how would dungeon caps work for classic WoW.

Would it be the pre 1.3 version where all dungeons have a “cap” of 40 people?

Would it be the 1.3 version where all dungeons have a cap of 10 (excluding Dire Maul, which is 5 and Blackrock Spire which is 15)

Would it be the 1.10 version where BRS became 10 and BRD, Stratholme and Scholo became 5.

Or would it be that all dungeons cap at 5 players with BRS capping at 10 from day 1. Or will it work as I have listed above but it changes with the content phasing system? (So 1.3 changes is phase 2, while the 1.10 changes would be phase 5)?


System is at 1.12.

Therefore all caps will be 5 except for Blackrock Spire which is 10.

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Only Dire Maul, Strath, Scholo and Blackrock depths had caps at 5 players when 1.12 happened. BRS was 10, same with the other dungeons


I’m trying to find the patch reference. My 15 years ago memory had all dungeons being switched to 5 man at the same time that BRS became 10, but I can’t find any reference to them being shortened.

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Its patch 1.10 where they were lowered to 5 from 10 which hapoened in the 1.3 patch.


In order to preserve the challenge of these dungeons, they have had their instance caps lowered. Stratholme, Scholomance, and Blackrock Depths now allow a maximum of five players inside, and Blackrock Spire allows a maximum of ten.

This happened in 1.10.

Dungeon Player Caps

All dungeons now have a cap on group size to limit the number of players that may enter the dungeon. It was necessary to add this cap as raiding these dungeons trivialized much of the content. Because of this change we can now look to adding better loot to them during future content patches.

With that in mind, the dungeons below now have the following caps:

  • Onyxia/Molten Core - 40 members
  • Blackrock Spire - 15 members
  • Diremaul - 5 members

All other dungeons in the game will be capped at 10 members.Several dungeons will be re-examined for balancing in light of this change. In addition, will have their loot improved significatnly for the next content patch.

This happened in 1.3

What I can’t find is when Wailing Caverns for example, was capped at 5.


Release content on the same schedule it was originally released! I’m so pumped for classic! Can’t wait!

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If you have 1000g long enough before DM for this to be an issue for you you’ll be doing pretty well. Well enough to buy both as you’ll have figured out some gold making magic!

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ZG gear was a catch up mechanic. The intent is you walk into MC wearing pre-bis blues from 5 mans and UBRS. Not gear that is nearly on par with the gear that drops. You must be one of the toxic gearscore/ilvl crowd playing retail demanding 415 ilvl minimum entry requirements for Heroic raids that drop 400 ilvl gear!
ZG gear is there to gear a newly dinged player in quest greens for BWL without having to run MC for 3 months!


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‘rolls eyes’

Yep, I must be!

What a tool.

I can’t tell if you’re being purposely dishonest, or if you just didn’t actually play vanilla.

In any case, everything you said is historically inaccurate. You are demonstrably wrong.

Catch up gear wasn’t even part of the ethos, or the design directive until WotLK. Catch up gear is only necessary when the direction is to keep the majority of the community on the most recent and relevant content in an effort to make the world “feel alive”.

This whole concept was put into motion specifically to address the issues of 1-5% of the community ever actually seeing or participating in any sort of relevant end game content. The issues that were present in BC and Vanilla.

This fiction you’re trying to spin is just that… fiction. People were not skipping MC and going straight into BWL with ZG gear. It wasn’t happening. MC gear had both a combination of fire/shadow resist, as well as +dmg/heals etc. The +dmg/healing etc was necessary to contribute to the fights before an enrage timer was hit, the resist gear helped to reduce the incoming damage from various bosses, which puts less stress on healers, so they can spend more time healing tanks. MC and it’s rewards were not something you just SKIPPED, unless you were being carried.

Additionally people were not skipping 5 man content and heading straight into ZG with greens. (another lie) Even though it was added after MC, some people still struggled on certain bosses. Performance mattered, coordination mattered. Hakkar was not something you just face rolled for free lootz.

Additionally, as mentioned in my previous post, WoW had some (still does actually) significant itemization issues. Sometimes it took FOREVER to get a specific drop, assuming it dropped at all. So let’s say your guild has MC on farm. But you can’t get a decent shoulder upgrade to save your life, your guild is already pushing the first few bosses in BWL, but you’re still running around with 5 man shoulders. ZG offered an opportunity to smooth that transition. Primarily BECAUSE itemization was so crappy and the jumps in available rewards were so choppy.


I can attest to the terrible itemization and not face rolling content in vanilla. I only saw my T2 pants for my priest when we farmed MC for giggles years later. Some items we never got loot rights if we even saw it drop. No one rolled trough anything with out resist gear the proper chants and + heals/dps. Vanilla was about working together a group. Not hopping from guild to guild and pushing mythic.


Makes me happy, too <3

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I’d be fine with a Phase 7 of “New Classic” content.
If the game is not progressing past Classic, I see plenty of areas that were never finished in Classic which could be developed in a “Classic Style”.

  • Azshara Crater - Would love to see this battleground finished and made Classic exclusive.
  • Deadwind Pass - Lots of space for some interesting quests in this otherwise empty zone.
  • Faction updates - Ravenholdt questline up to exalted could use a questline, perhaps give Rogues something akin to the Hunters and Priests Epic quests.
    (If you’re going to update factions, maybe add a little something for the Desolace Centaurs as well)

After establishing Classic WoW as a worthy version of the game as it was, I think there is an opportunity to refine it into the game that the original Devs wanted it to be.


Okay. this is all great and all but what about after all those phases are done? are they going to release the other expansions but keep the same classic format? or are they not going to bring in completely new things different from the current BFA content


We’ve got at least two years till that happens, so there’s time to discuss it still.


I am super excited for this.

super super stoked… " The Great Masquerade"

If, at some point, you decide to continue past phase 6, I hope that Northrend would follow the scourge invasion, not outland. I feel this would continue continuity from the scourge invasion.

I will start by saying I understand this might be unpopular, but I just wanted to put it out there.

I consider classic to be wow hard mode, a challenge. where you get back what you put in, in terms of effort and time. And its far more social with the interactions of the people you come across.

I consider this to be a version of a parallel time dimension, we could call time line B. ( Garrosh isn’t horrible, as in doesn’t commit… as many… war crimes… in this version. and class quests and RPG exists here.)

I don’t want to see alliance get shaman
I don’t want to see horde get paladin.

All suggestions maintain classic talent trees with possible additions.
druid flight form becomes a talent after unlocking the quest. some may choose to forgo flight form, which would allow for character customization.

death knight classic skill tree could have 1 point per goul summon for army of the dead type deal.

A year after, or two, classic has been out at its most current patch, I think it would be good to continue it to Northrend ( skipping outland for now, lets say level cap is now 70. keeping the talent trees in the classic tree form, potentially adding to them.). I feel this continues the continuity since patch 1.12 with the scourge invasion. The underlying itemization must continue and power creep and hp creep must be kept in check I will call this “classic subsystem”.

I would like to see the death knight added into the “classic subsystem” fold, but to be on par with paladin and warrior. not op. it would have to be re worked a bit. It would start at level 10 (has to earn levels). your character has to do a quest and gets killed once by something, and that unlocks the ability to create the death knight, due to you being “resurrected”. one of the spells could be to summon a whelp or drake, You start to gather pieces of it to be a spell later on. (similar to the one introduced in legion).

Dalaran would be moved to a new mini zone, so crystal song forest could be an actual zone.
(It wasn’t used due to Dalaran player population effecting the zone from my understanding).
This would allow Crystalsong to be a full wpvp zone due to the size of the zone, and the quests forcing you to cross pathes with the ther faction. Sunreavers vs Silver Covenant in the zone fighting for some type of resource.

Inscription would be added for the cosmetic glyphs. Since naxx stays in eastern plague lands, Wintergarde keep could end up being corrupted as a raid to replace it potentially, or grizzlemaw could be come a raid associated with yog saron …or they don’t spend the time adding a raid to this version of wotlk time line B.

Since we skipped outland for the time being, Garrosh would be replaced in the setting by Vol’jin, or Sylvanis, or bane.
At the end of timeline B WOTLK, we are called back due to an anomaly occurring in Karazhan. going in for quests, or as a scenario, we end up triggering something that opens the portal to outland… and some creatures start pouring out.

Time line B outland.

Demon hunters.
Melee version of warlock and warrior combined. conservative model, like old school Loramus and old school Altruis from outland. Demon hunter gets mana burn, self immolation aura, always uses dual weapons swords and glaives, more conservative eye beam… … no double jump. detect invisible down to around 5 seconds.

Starts at level 10 (has to earn levels). as they level they start to unlock their body tattoos. they start without demon form. They have to consume a demon to get it. (you know, those class quests, have to earn things.) Blood Elves and Draenei are added now. Draenei cannot be shaman. though still can be death knights as there were some around that were killed at the time of that story plot. Blood elves can’t be Paladins. gotta keep em seperated.

A conservative version of jewel crafting is added. less variety of gems?

[google: “warcraft II beyond the dark portal handbook map” ]
[second row from the top under images, middle item. (3rd from left, third from right) ]

Death wing ventures through the portal to check on his clutch of eggs. (map from Warcraft II beyond the dark portal) finds out we found them and started killing them. some were converted into netherwing dragons… we end up fighting death wing partly. Illidan gets killed by akamaa or Lady Vashj who shows up in black temple, and then leaves to the steam vaults, which she later escapes to join queen azshara later on

Garrosh is added into the fold. and we come back from outland to the sunwell.
The Alliance attacks the sunwell (after raid completion) thinking they were helping destroy the protal for kil’jaeden. this is one of the few interactions with the horde vs alliance that Garrosh is introduced to.

Azshara zone remains mostly unchanged from classic, goblins are added into it.

Stone talon mountains, i think, should get the cataclysm update with bronze dragon in it to show pre and post update. ( i found the story good as the horde took the zone)

Garrosh still does the incurrsion into Ashenvale, but also orders druids and shaman to terra form durotar.
loch modan doesn’t change at all.

Wargen story the same, but the undead lay blight to the city and set it up as a second city, with a port. (they fall back to this city during bfa assult on lorderon)

A different Hyjal is needed

night elf & wargen druids start healing the land of Felwood and start talking about the zones original name.

To be honest, I don’t recall cataclysm… it does not seem memorable.

I would add to it that the “wondering hobo” player will get the pick of an outpost to be in charge of. this would constitute player housing.

night elves in Ashenvale around Raynewood retreat, silverwind refuge, or forest song.

Orc in stone talon mountains or desolace or the barrens ( not split into north and south) or hammerfall in arathi

humans in alterac, westfall or duskwood.

trolls in dustwollow or the echo isles.

Tauren in the southern barrens portion of the barrens (non split zone) or camp mojache

goblins around tanaris, or in strangle thron

blood elves… Quel’Lithien Lodge as the blood elves start to take a portion of EPL.

Cho’gall escapes… somehow meets up with Kairozdormu, and is sent back to warlords of Draenor by subjugating Kairozdormu

Kairozdormus interaction with Cho’gall has lent him to be an agent of n’zoth

Kairozdormu is the one who get corrupted, as mentioned above, and convinces or persuades Garrosh to do some of his bidding, but Garrosh double crosses him, and Kairozdormu banishes him back to Draenor to be handed to cho’gall.


Kairozdormu is the boss we fight in Siege of Ogrimmar as he was in orc form. and we find he had Garrosh in a cage the whole time.

Garrosh dies a heros death in Warlords of Draenor, in Shattrath city raid.

The horde go in to raise Shattrath city.

The alliance goes in to assist the refugees in fleeing the city.

Garrosh Jumps in front of Grommash, about to face Maraad who is in front of the line of refugees, to obstruct a demon who is about to kill all around, while shouting that the legion has no honor! (ends up saving both the horde and alliance parties as the building starts to crumble. leaves with the horde party, but having taken one too many chaos bolts to the chest, sucumbs to his wounds. Though he reflected some with his axe… but spell reflect gave out )

Velens sacrafice still occurs. kick [bum] cinimatic.

This is all I got, but just wanted to post it as possabilities.

I haven’t touched on flying. I do like my crow form as I am a druid, and would miss it… (no account based flying. no catch up mechanics. if flying is added, it needs to be or stay around 150 180%?)

It would nice to see Alterac and Dun Garok

Naxxaramas is a Necropolis. I want to see a Black Citadel added or looming over a city we have to liberate, but it has frost wyrms, gargoyles and undead bats flying out from it. a lich that sacrafices a crypt fiend, then freezes a random person, and start casting a dark ritual, after putting down a death and decay forcing the party / raid to move around and work hard to get to their companion.

Here is 1.13
Hyjal should have been attacked by the green dragon flights physical forms, as their dream forms look on unable to prevent it.

This starts with malfurion showing up standing next to tyranda in darnassus, but he’s in dream form with vines wrapped around his throat and torso and such. and he’s levatating, and as the player sees it, he gets pulled away and fades. tyrande sends alliance to moonglade to talk to a keeper of the grove, then to hyjal. Hode get sent to moonglade to talk to Hamuul Runetotem. Itharius from swamp of sorrows must kill his bretherend in order to free their dream forms. (“small” continuation from sunken temple) sets up the nightmare raid around great tree.
This happens through out zone as the twilight cultists helping old gods.& searching 4 a way to open firelands in Black Rock Mountain. BUT… you have to add Faerie Dragons, Mountain Giants, and wild you know ,Hippogryphs are ancient, magical beasts whose bodies resemble both stags and ravens. They patrol the skies above Kalimdor and viciously attack any enemies of the wilds that they encounter. The intelligent Hippogryphs have given their allegiance to the Night Elves in honor of Cenarius, the Night Elves’ god, who stands as the protector of nature and all its creatures, from warcraft III. So you have random swoop down Hippogryphs attacking players, feeling their home is being invaded. Hyjal was epic in warcraft III it was of huge import and significance.

After Hyjal, we are invited by Itharius to go to the Dragon Isles, to discuss with the other dragons and find out why there is infighting amung them. death wing makes an appearance here. while we are there, Forelands stuff starts to happen around the world. the barrier between the planes start to weaken, or they break out of their prison a bit, & fire elementals start spawnign around the world. and start setting fire to towns and such. we put those out after a while, and have to find the location to the firelands.

Flands should b in BRM, under lava.
HElf npc casts anti lava burn on u, & u hop into zone Portal, and sulfurion spire is situated in the firelands zone. (Add dark iron dwarves here as a civil ware for supporting ragnaros and those that don’t. Goblins can be added cause their volcano erupts at any time? )


I am really looking forward to classic. I started this game 14 years ago and I played the original warcraft in 1994 when it was on ms dos. I enjoy the lore and meeting some really amazing people in the world.

the classic to me is what warcraft should always have been when you had to earn everything in the game and gold took a lot of work to earn. An Kara raid was rare to every go into to have a chance to earn some really nice armors. Even before Kara AQ was insane with the 40 man raids. An at times doing city raids was a lot of fun trying to sneak into the UC or Stormwind. Alot of good memories coming back in the future with classic. If you didn’t get a chance to play back then you will love or hate Classic because of all the hard work it will take to advance your progression in pve or pvp.

Loremaster Arylien~


Knowing where pvp fits in will clarify this picture alot more. However, for the time being it looks great.