Classic Content Plan


Because a whole bunch of people complained that what you’re proposing was too abrupt. Originally they were going to deliver all the content at once, then 4 content patches, now 6. All changed due to player response.

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Who listens to their parents?

Are you trying to be my dad?

Can’t say I’m sorry you won’t be playing Classic.


The analogy is that there is a better way, and the need to repeat mistakes is unnecessary.

Are meeting stones going to be released in later phases too?

What about BG queues? Because I’m pretty sure you actually had to walk your butt to the portal to queue in the early stages of PvP.

No? So then you are just picking and choosing aren’t you.

I mean I could go on and on all day about the QoL changes that were added just within the original release of the game. Whether you care to see it or not, even some content served as a QoL change. That had little effect or benefit to a person/character already at level cap.


The analogy is flawed, because this isn’t WoW 2.0 - Building a better Vanilla.

This is a historical recreation of a time period in 2006, Patch 1.12, “warts and all”. The content patch cycle is purely a concession to make the game have a level of ‘authenticity’.

If you want the game with all its improvements, there’s an expansion called BfA, that has every QoL improvement that Blizzard has implemented, and not thought was a bad idea and removed. It gives you the “better way”.

Classic is about showing what the old way “was” not making Vanilla better.


Please keep up, I was referring to the QoL improvements made between 1.1 and 1.12. I’m not suggesting that anything be added after that. Not QoL improvements brought but subsequent expansions.

Going from not having meetings stones, to having meeting stones is a QoL improvement. One that was added within the time frame mentioned here.

Will that be available at launch or will you have to wait for it?

How about a working charge for warriors? Because that didn’t get fixed until BC.


The biggest complaint that the ultra-purists have, is that Blizzard isn’t doing progressive itemisation or progressive adjustment of features.

If Meeting Stones are in, they’ll be in as they were at 1.12. I can’t say if they’ll be added at the appropriate CP or from launch, though.

Charge will be as per 1.12. All mechanics and talents for classes will be as per 1.12. Depending on what you mean by “fix” that will be the case. If you’re expecting the BC charge… You’re gonna have a bad time.


Exactly and releasing content per the original schedule contradicts those goals.

Because Blizzard either wasn’t done, or saw a need within the span of the original game.

MC being 66
ZG being 61-65
BWL being 76
AQ20 being 65-70

They were released to fill the gaps, smooth progression, many guilds skipped ZG and AQ20 altogether, or were used for alts, or off days according to raid schedule.

Releasing ZG for example, BEFORE MC, would actually accomplish that “progressive itemization”.


I don’t think this means what you think it means. The content patches aren’t putting the flaws and bad itemisation from patches 1.1 to 1.11 back in, they’re just immediately using the 1.12 version.

And yet, Blizzard is not trying to make WoW 2.0 or “fix” Classic. They are recreating a history that happened, ‘warts and all’.

Your desire is not their goal.


The “concessions” of the content patch cycle, as you so eloquently put it. don’t fulfill the goal/request from “ultra purists” for “progressive itemization” either.

Whereas releasing all of the content available at 1.12 does. If some people choose to skip content… let them.

This picking and choosing, and “faking” a content cycle for the sake of “authenticity” is laughably ironic.


You can’t please all the people all the time. Hell, you literally just asked for a BC charge mechanic.

That said, the majority of people seem content with the 6 Content Patch plan and have moved on to whining about AV1.5 and removing DHKs. You appear to be the lone voice in the “Give me all of it immediately” crowd left.


I didn’t play a warrior… and I didn’t ask for a BC charge mechanic. Even in 1.12 charge was broken, ground clutter can/would break the charge mid run. Grass, a rock, etc. It was horrendously broken. THAT was 1.12. We won’t be getting that. Already confirmed. Even the private servers use some bastardized version between 1.12 and live.

My point was that if you want to be pure… then you get it “warts and all”. Broken charge is one of those warts… but again we’re picking and choosing. So THAT gets fixed. Hypocritical.


Oh my bad. You just came here to whine. I’ll let you get on with it.


Clearly that get’s results. I’m just following suit.


You need more like minded friends then.


Story of my life…


I am assuming Silithus content (Cenarion Circle; Cenarion Hold) will still be gated as per the original, 4-stage content release plan:

Is this still going to be the case? Will Silithus content be joining the current content release plan in Phase 5 now?

Are there any other quests that will be gated? In particular, in patch 1.5 the following chunks of quests were added:

  • Thorium Point
  • Revantusk Village
  • Donations of Cloth Turn-ins


Silithus questing hubs were added in patch 1.8.0 which aligns with Content Patch 4.

That would align with content patch 3.

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  1. i wonder if gm’s would roam the realms once again…
  2. i wonder if blizz will “accidentally” put items ingame then remove the items to make things rare / unique. maybe rewrite history, or add a part 2 to that history…
  3. i wonder if “the scarab lord event” will return
  4. i wonder if blizzard is going to do something to prevent gold farmers from spamming chat with gold for sale.
  5. i wonder if multiboxing is gonna be allowed.
  6. i wonder if this means the trading cards will come back.


Of course it will. However, you won’t get the title, as that wasn’t added until TBC. You’ll just have the shiny black mount and your reputation.

Blizzard’s bot detection systems are far more advanced than 2006. And we’re using the new client so every single one of those protections is included. All the botting for gold and the spamming chat with links will be stopped.

It is.

… that’s a stretch.


In Vanilla, the AQ event was timed by quild progression, if it didn’t happen within some time frame, say six months, Blizzard triggered it anyway, so guilds holding things up will have it happen anyway.