Classic Content Plan


What are you talking about?? I just asked a question, it was answered, no trolling involved anywhere…
Sounds like you are just trying to Flame, for some reason!!

I swear sometimes I just HATE posting a question about anything in the forums, because everyone is so pointlessly RUDE for nothing…
Must be nice to know everything, and anyone who has a question is just a troll, or something…



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onyxia is a lvl 80 raid… and onyxia is listed in phase one. does this mean classic wow is gonna have a level 80 cap at launch? instead of the lvl 60 cap.

just curious


Onyxia was originally a lvl 60 raid. It was upgraded to celebrate an anniversary back in Wraith. So nope, lvl 60 is gonna be the cap.


I my was re-released as an 80 raid, but yes, she was originally lv. 60 boss.


It would return to being level 60, onyxia, nax, and many dungeons were changed into max level content in some of the expansions.


Nice to see it!


I’m glad they spread it out, makes it not feel like you need to rush.


Thanks for the updates! Keep em coming! So excited for release date!

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It’s possible Blizzard could put WoW tokens in the Classic AH system, but it’s not probable.

What seems most likely is the situation now: tokens can be used for time or Blizzard account balance.


I sincerely hope they do not include Tokens in WoW Classic. Unfortunately, I will not be surprised if they do :frowning:


Oh my, you’re in for a treat, if you’ve never experienced Vanilla (or Original) WoW. It’s a very different experience than what it was changed into with later expansions.


sorry for bringing this on this moment but Blizzard needs to get in order the thing about the voice chat no one is not using because of the little knowledge of how it works and how helpful it is I try to convince them to use it but they don’t know or they afraid or they think as 1 player says is too noisy, when reality is not you need to push the button to talk that how simple it is

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That is a wild sentence you made.


I don’t think tokens will be part of Classic. Since access to the game is tied to your regular WoW account, you’ll probably have to go through the current version for those exchanges.


Kaivax [Community Manager] (IMPORTANT) First of all I want to say thank you for the great community Blizzard is. Now lets go back. I am actually cuban american and back when I was in my country we played lots of World of Warcraft in LAN because we didn’t have any internet at that time and Wow Classic was the most fun thing we ever played. Sadly for me I didn’t own a computer myself back in Cuba so I use to watch only a couple of certain people who played or shared videos downloaded from Youtube. I came to United States when I was 16 and my Dream was to play World of Warcraft.I played World of Warcraft until Wrath of the Lich king and it was the most fun experienced I ever had. I made many friends people who I actually talked to on a daily basis. I played Wow for 3 to 4 years. I myself enjoy Pve so much, doing dungeons and killing bosses plus grouping up with people is my thing.I can tell you about four month ago or 3 month ago I bought all the expansions including World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth and I was so sad and dissapointed I can’t even explain all my feelings. The system in Battle for Azeroth it’s bad for me and here is why.
People rushing to level 120 like crazy
Players don’t group up anymore to level up and Elites are super easy to kill which makes the world map a joke
I tried level up but there is no people looking for old dungeons which are super fun like lvl 20 dungeons lvl 25 etc even lvl 80 per say ICC damn I remember those
40 people raid it was so fun. Now there is just either a 120 on those dungeons rushing for a transmog or no people are all doing the dungeons.
I couldn’t get that feeling I had when I won Burning Crusade and Wrath of the lich king which are the nearest Expansions to Classic I assume. NPCS are super easy to kill which in Classic were hard. So my point it’s I have reinstalled the game two times and I haven’t been able to recover those old time experiences I had, it’s non existent. I am happy to hear you guys are bringing Wow classic back it’s clearly a challenge and That’s what i love challenges. Am so happy am truly happy classic is coming and I hope there could be other expansions added not to classic but on a different separate server so everyone can enjoy until what expansion they feel like. I truly loved wow all the way until Wrath of the lich. Never got to play Cataclysm but I heard it changed everything in the system.
Thank you for listening to players!!


There won’t be voice chat in Classic.


I also want to suggest Aside from Classic Wow, having a server all the way to Wrath of the Lich king with burning Crusade included. Another thing I was thinking today at work it’s the possibility after phase 6 of Classic adding new Content or New expansions something we haven’t seen before to keep the challenge alive in Classic. Imagine a whole different Wow that is not for casuals


Before we talk about further than what they’ve committed to, we have to prove that what they’ve committed to will work. Call back in 12-18 months.


I’m curious as to whether or not you understand your own game.

There is a difference between an authentic experience, and something your original team intended for as far as design direction.

WoW was launched unfinished. You couldn’t race to level cap and jump right into raids and content was added later, that if development constraints had been removed, would have been included at launch.

ZG gear (barring a few specific pieces) was inferior gear to someone who had already completed MC, and it served to supplement for gear that wasn’t dropping (one of those rose colored glass things… meaning I got my tier 2 shoulders before tier 1 ever dropped).

After the release of ZG, it became a natural progression before stepping foot into MC. Why? Rewards and difficulty. If the original creators had to do it over, that is how it would have been released? Are you even consulting them at all? Or are you just arbitrarily picking what gets the “authentic experience” and what doesn’t?

I mean low level content like Maraudon and DM, not available at launch? [Removed by Forum Moderator for language.] Why? Because reasons…

Most of this stuff just wasn’t finished for the original launch, and things were added through the first 2 years, to smooth that transition from 1-60 as well as smooth out the gear progression at 60. Like seriously how do you not understand that? Moreover I’d love to understand the logic behind following that development plan when low-mid level content was added to address the problems with that experience.

This is really why the accounts of the “vanilla” experience differ so much. Because if you played at launch, you didn’t get Maraudon, you didn’t get DM. The only reason you went back to it was for resist gear. But if you started playing later in WoW’s development cycle you had the benefit of this additional low level content, so you might not remember having to GRIND out levels, because you didn’t have to.

You have the benefit of hindsight and you’re pissing it away, and for what?

I could not be MORE disappointed.

You went for the 1.12 version of the game for class design because it was the most complete. (Which I agree with) Some classes waited almost a year before they got their “class review”. The same though is true for all content, PvP, PvE, quests, leveling, etc. 1.12 had the complete experience. If you want to gate tiers to prevent people from plowing through it fine, but employ reason. Releasing a tier 0.5 raid AFTER tier 1. How would that work for the live version of the game? It’s stupid right? That would be like only having 5 mans and Mythic+ at launch, and then releasing 5man heroics several months down the road… who is that for?


But now we are going to “fake” those growing pains for the sake of nostalgia?

To me this is the equivalent of kids not listening to their parents. You know that what they are doing is going to hurt them, but they do it anyway. It’s maddening, truly maddening.

Perhaps people shouldn’t be able to play on anything newer than a computer from 2006, or maybe force the majority of players to be on dial-up. It’s just as ridiculous.