Classic Beta

Will there be anymore beta invites going out from now, and until the release of classic?

not for u .


Read their post on it. They’re done, they have all the testers they need.

They said it was decreasing, they didn’t say no.


They literally said that they have all the testers they need.

How is that not a “no?”

There have been some. Most are friends of streamers or otherwise connected people however.

Pure Rando’s like us, are left to Stress Test.


Read the statement again from the blue

That… does not sound right, which post in question? Mind linking the original post?

More invites are going out but its just for big streamers of other games now like league and fortnite… I don’t think blizzard is inviting wow players to the wow classic beta…

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not true… they are still sending invites

They said they have reached the amount of players that they need and have decreased the invites drastically, and that they may increase the invites with upcoming testing.

He’s referring to this post. It’s kind of grey, they say they’ve met their needs but aren’t stopping.

Though the way I take it is unless you have some pull, you aren’t getting in, general beta wave invites are over.


I mean anyone can take this as that they are basically done unless there is a new streamer that wants to try it out for promotion

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Here is the way I would personally take that. I, personally, from my understanding and experience with past Beta Tests would read that as them stating that Wave 1 is done, that they basically have everyone they want or need for Wave 1 of the Beta Test.

I am 99.999% sure that there will be additional waves as they move into testing new features and such. The Beta is still very early on.

My suggestion is to take that statement as nothing more than saying that no more wave 1 invites are going out and to consider past WoW Beta tests.

Thank you Alini for sharing that post, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I suppose only time will tell, personally I prefer to lean on the edge of i’m not getting in, but if I do what a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately most don’t share that attitude lol, and you’re welcome.

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Okay, fine. So, there actually is a chance that they mean what they say here.

It still reads like PR speak to me, but whatever. Clearly I’m not allowed to have different concerns from the rest of the player base.