Classic and Medivh, your memories please!

Surely there are more of the old players still out there.

Anyone from Silent Watch still playing?

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Theres a few of the OG Silent Watch still playing, and they’re still actively raiding.


Miss everyone there so much. I’ve never found such a great group of people anywhere else. I used to swing by the forums here and there but they’ve been gone for a while now.

WTB a reunion!
Is anyone planning on playing classic?
Unfortunately, I’m in new Zealand now so the time zone is a bit difficult but I’d make a character just to hang out and chat.

Undead Poets Society member here. If anyone is planning on playing classic, let’s exchange emails. I’d love to play with some OG-Medivh folks.


KrazyK (Dwarf Paladin healer) here. See a lot of familiar names here from the Vanilla days and thinking about coming back for some Classic.

I had raiding stints with Legio, TT, Heroic Few, Shadowed Fates.

For the life of me I cannot remember what guild I was with when C’Thun finally went down for the first time but that was definitely the last moment I really remember from WoW before quitting.

Although pocket healing Mafus and helping him grind out the first Alliance side Grand Marshall in WSG was pretty fun.


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Lots of fun memories:

  • PVP in Hillsbrad and being jealous of Jaegermaestro and his merry band of healers.
  • Following the dwarf paladin Tramddark around all match to keep him hamstrung when playing with Forsakyn in PvP.
  • Getting my arcanite reaper and rarely getting attacked by rogues after that.
  • Getting my arcanite reaper and every non-rogue still beating me down anyway.
  • Never got a chance to kill Coolbreeze.
  • Turquiose the NE warrior PvP’ing with Thunderfury.
  • Fighting Teagan back and forth for months until we stopped fighting one day and just ended up doing /dance with each other if there was a lull in a BG. (Usually AV).
  • Being super salty about the server hardware getting upgraded after Ascent and Vindication transferred off.

I remember most of the names listed earlier in the thread. Forgot a lot of them but then the memories come back when you see the names.

I’m down for Classic. We should all pick one faction. I don’t care which since a community is probably the main appeal for me.


/wave everyone. Lots of memories and feels here. This is Deramas. I used to play a Warrior and was one of the officers of Perpetuity during Vanilla and was in Dark Asylum before that. I have very fond memories of running late night UBRS runs all the time with my Hunter friend Sotai.

I’m down for classic! I hope they have a Medivh server. I’m super excited to hopefully see some old faces again. Btw, /wave to all my old guildies. Durinmaleus, Cratchet, Thugg, Boozy, Littlebit, etc. I miss u guys!

Battlecattle of Mixed United Tribe, Battlecattle of Gang Green, The War Cow, The Pug King, “BCuz I said so”. Honorary member of Team Greenhunter reporting in. My best memories? I can not say. There are so many things and many things I can not remember. I can not wait to play WoW Classic again. I will say, I miss Inigma, Dacxterius, Tormalji, Grom, Swordsaint, Honeybear, Hazzard, Mordsith, Alara, Diomedes, Xerxes, Evilcraze, “Parry” Alphareaver, Jeri, Eviljade, Teagan, Decaturfist…LBRS, UBRS, undead Strat, hating to tank or even go into Scholo. So many people and guilds on both factions. Ragnaros take down with Gang Green. Attacking Auberdine when people attacked SS/TM. This list can get very long.

P.S Battle Cattle remembers.


I do not like these new forums. I am Battlecattle. I hate that I can not edit my alt of the posts.


I’m sure lots of people will be coming out of the woodwork for WoW Classic. Can’t wait to see some familiar names 8)


A lot of people are signing up for Vanilla Friends (can’t post links so just do an internet search) . Check there for old guildies/friends


I was originally in Squirrel Mafia until Besaba/Eluned became a true tyrant. I mean she was always a tyrant and a drama queen but some how when the word of her affair with Armafaen made it to her husband, things got really bad and she went psycho.

I continued to play with other guilds until one day I realized I would be happier playing horde on another server and getting away from Medivh and Alliance. There were some great people on Medivh though. I used to run around killing things with a guy named Therin or something like that.

The game is so different now. Easier to level. It took me less time to get to 85 with my newest character than it did to get from 59 to 60 in the old days. I still have this need to make sure my node for herb or mining does not get swiped from me though. Some things are hard wired after a while I guess.

I remember going crazy gathering supplies that would sell for big bucks that people needed to gain faction with this one faction and I want to say for the AQ opening as well.


was hornwood the forum troll that got people to help him get one of the top pvp titles


If any of you old school Medivh folks are coming back for classic add me on btag: Gen#1496

Also, any old school Ascent people checking this post: we’re over on discord now. I’ll send a link via bnet :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to have everyone that played on Medivh on the same server again.

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Oh my gosh, where to start…

First thing I remember was being insta invited to Vestige like one hour after I logged in. After realizing what a guild actually was I left to float a little bit.

I remember getting horribly lost in WC, and having the group leave /facepalm and the guy go get his main to finish running me through… I can’t remember the name, but seriously thank you for that lesson…

I remember signing up for raid nights with Mixed United Tribe, to experience MC for the first time. Then parking and waiting to see if I was invited! I also remember working so hard with those guys to get Ony down, and when they did I wasn’t with them but I was in Org when they turned over the head to Saurfang. It was a special day!

BBB pick up 40 man AQ was an experience i’ll never forget… And everyone in Vindi always being awesome… we lost a lot when you guys left.

I frequented the top of Orgrimmar Bank, waiting for hours to form groups for dungeons, and then spending 3 hours with a good group, and 8 with a bad trying to finish said dungeon.

I remember joining BBoD and finding a real home. Khufu, Smash, even Fasteddie… if you guys are still out there hit me up! We are supposedly getting the gang back together for classic!

Honestly, we were a different brand of player back then. I made so many friends that ended up being lost due to the server xfers and the 40 man killing xpac that was TBC. Miss many of you guys and hope to see everyone in Classic.

P.S. Met my husband in a Scholomance group, after he seductively whispered me to join :wink: Shaman always sucked at forming groups… lol

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We had some awesome times in BBOD, Smash running up to our first RAG to take a picture and wiping the raid or him telling embarrassing stories about his daughter when she was little (she raided with us) lol. So many good memories of the Guild and Medivh, I can hardly wait to play classic!


I never played on Medivh, but I just saw this video and thought I’ll leave it here.

The story of a tragic loss that tore a server apart

I just hope with classic we can get back the tight knitted communities and friendships that you guys seem to have had.

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Good Times…

  • Failing Fury’s app process and still making the guild (lolz)

  • Non-stop raiding, when not raiding collecting mats for consumables

  • Putting together “super-groups” for battlegrounds and just wrecking everyone

  • Spending so much time with people I barely knew and sharing experiences with them that I’ll never forget, and having life long friends because of it.

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Wow, I didnt know that there was a whole video on her. Not sure how popular she was on alliance side but she had some friends on horde for sure and we were all sad to hear she passed.

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