Classes Aren't Fun

(Aurael) #1

I have at least one character of every class. I’ve given every spec a shot in questing, dungeons, and LFR for a few days each. I just can’t find one I click with and enjoy. There are some I find less dull/clunky but none that make me enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I know many people are still enjoying the classes but…I don’t. To me my class is like the lens I experience the game through; if it isn’t fun, nothing is.

Of all MMOs, WoW has always been my favorite. To not find that spark of joy in it anymore feels like the death of the genre for me. Here’s to hoping future patches and expansions can rekindle it. I’ll be here, waiting :confused:


I agree. Legion had me playing and doing mythic +10s on at least 1 of every class every week. Just tanked a heroic on my demon hunter. The last time I tanked was in legion. My action bars were full. Now there are 5 empty spot on my action bar that were key abilities I regularly used.

wtf… I guess repeating the same 3 button rotation and 1 defensive will make it easier for wow to go mobile.


Boys we truly had no idea how good legion was until we got to bfa


I find myself thinking specifically that an awful lot.


Classes need to feel fun, fast and fluid again. Along with more player agency.

(Wyler) #6

Class design is the biggest problem with the game right now. That’s a long list, but boring classes is at the top.

(Aurael) #7

I seem to remember having the most class diversity in MoP. I had four ‘mains’ and every other class I enjoyed spending a bit of time on here and there - even my paladin (which was my least favorite class at the time.)


I’ve actually felt this since Legion, that was the beginning of atrociously 1 dimensional boring specializations.

Now granted, they were less terrible in Legion, but still awful compared to any pre-Blizzard B team xpac imo.

B team invaded during WoD, and you could see some prune there, but still not too terribly bad mechanically and fun wise.
Now you are hard pressed to find any spec fun. They are all essentially the same thing with the same 3 button rotation and same burst/CC/defensive setup it seem like.

I just don’t find classes fun at all since Legion, but may be because I mained rogue/ret who were both absolutely demolished in the mechanics department. I suppose it still isn’t as bad as survival hunter literally getting their spec deleted tho… I mean the class choices Blizz have made recently is just mind blowing.


In an effort to make classes more enjoyable, Blizzard will be implementing the following changes:

  1. The global cool down for all abilities has been increased to 30 seconds. This makes it easier to open more videos of cats playing pianos on YouTube during raids.

  2. All abilities are on the GCD now.

  3. Looting a corpse is now considered an ability.

  4. The fishing profession has been rolled into Blacksmithing to make the world feel larger and more immersive.

  5. Now say “thank you”.


I don’t play every class, but the changes to the classes I do play are mostly for the worse. I have a capped Shadow Priest that I just can’t stand to play (I like it for flavor reasons, but I couldn’t take it anymore). A 110 mage that I’m not excited about because of scaling, and this paladin, that I’m hoping will keep me at least somewhat engaged.

Mob density makes it really hard to kite in the open world so I figured I might as well just face tank. I hope it doesn’t turn out disappointing, I’m about to the part where my gear will start sucking soon so I guess I’ll know if I’m back in or not once I get this girl capped and geared up out of the suck.

On paladins specifically, I felt they were fun and easy in MoP and most of their changes were positive going into WoD. Like eliminating that mini buff you had to always have up but only lasted 30 seconds or whatever, that’s the kind of pruning I can get behind.

I feel like I still have a kit but I no longer have a ranged execute, my run speed was replaced with a useless mount up for 5 seconds ability, buffs are weird now, I can’t consecrate without a talent, but I guess at least my new wings look cool and my class mount is now a ram since I’m a dwarf. I never used the horse because it was a horse, I’m glad they noticed and thought to change it, I wish they’d do more flavorful things instead of just getting rid of abilities, the “too many buttons” issue was solved to my satisfaction between MoP and WoD.

It’s almost like they want you to be able to play it on a controller or something. I tried FFXIV that way and wasn’t super impressed. I’m not the best keyboard warrior out there, but these games kind of make that necessary.

On a final note, at least I’m not binding every single spare key on my keyboard anymore, at one point a long time ago it was getting rough keeping things straight. But of course they overkilled on the pruning, so I can see why people aren’t having fun. Shadow lost so much when the artifact weapon went away (dispersion specifically should still heal), I didn’t play this character when legion was live so I have no idea what I’m probably missing out on.

(Wyler) #11

MoP was actually when it began. Many classes reached the height of their complexity and customizability in Cataclysm - MoP began the process of pruning and simplifying things in earnest.

You’re right that it was bad in Legion - that’s when the specs were really narrowed to their “class fantasy,” but the rest of Legion was so good that it was kinda forgivable. And the class changes were fresh, so at least there was that - they were fun for a while, even if most of them got boring pretty quick. BFA simply made it even worse, and very few people were interested in “more of the same, only worse.”


I wouldn’t say they aren’t fun, they aren’t as fun as they were though


For me since they destroyed all classes making them all simple and removed tons of habilities, classes are boring [Removed by Forum Moderator for language.]


They are so bad atm. Had to make new alts all the time because the ones I and got so boring. There’s just nothing fun or unique about them. They are all far to similar.

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better to think you hit rock bottom than to actually hit rock bottom.


I miss when Classes were designed around the Class, and not each individual spec.

A Mage was a Mage, a master of all their schools, now our Archmage has to dedicate to… one school? I don’t like it.

But we’ll never get that back in the game. I’ve come to terms.

(Paeldryth) #17

Replacing artifact weapons with azerite and not just baking the traits into classes was a mistake.


Everything is the same now, build up resources and spend it…
I know classes are different and have different spells but if everything acts the same way it kinda feels weird, Idk i cant put my finger on it… all i know is that my ALT list keeps building because i get bored about 1 month into grinding…

LOVE my characters and all, but just the rotations / ability’s are blaaaah.


I’m loving my prot paladin. I do wish that not everyone and their dog had a silence though.

(Maelfarion) #20

And they really need to invest in lots of glyphs so we can customise our classes.