Class Tuning Incoming -- February 28

Nerfing Brewmasters just seems mean. Can’t you let them have some PVP fun for the first time since MoP?


Blizzard is completely tone def.


No Discipline Priest changes in PvP? Curious.

This is nice. Anything to make the game a little bit less lethal.


EDIT: I just had an alternative idea:

Since we can’t ever afford to take Gorefiends Grasp at all anyways, how about move Mass Grip to replace PotEB(D&D Vers), and move Bonestorm to Gorefiends Grasp’s current spot (after improving Bonestorm to not cost all our RP ofc)??? I like that idea a ton actually!

That would solve a ton of problems all at once for basically no effort. Just make Bonestorm cost ~2 Bone Shield Charges or ~10-20 RP; and do a little Checkers-like move of jumping Bonestorm to Gorefiends, Gorefiends to PotEB(D&D Vers), and PoeTB to the bin.

Doubt I’ll even be able to tell a difference. 3% of 50,000dps is 1,500dps. That’s like the difference between a good and bad Trinket or ~1 total-item-level.

How about moving Shattered Bone up the left side of the Talent Tree so it’s more accessible, or changing [Perseverance of the Ebon Blade] to be a proper/good damage option?

I’ve been playing an extra Tanky build without Shattered Bone or Death and Decay Cleave this week since Raging is spicy; and Threat has been VERY tenuous. Not to be arrogant, but I’m an expert Tank, so if even I am struggling to make the build work then a novice/noob Tank wouldn’t stand a chance.

Basically, as a Blood DK, as long as you take Cleaving D&D Strikes and Shattered Bone we feel more than fine for Threat and DPS in Mythic+. And Raid Builds already feel mostly fine since we only need to grab Bloodshot and we’re gucci on DPS.

But if you skip either or both those Talents (Cleaving & Shattered) while trying to run Mythic+ our Threat generation plummets down to just BARELY being viable and requires far too much skill for the payoff imo.

I love high skill ceilings, but the skill floor for a Mythic+ Build without Shattered Bone and/or Cleaving Strikes is way too high. Lemme put it this way: even after being hit by both charges of Blood Boil, I was still losing aggro to the Havoc DH’s Eye Beam, so I was having to go back to old old old school style Tab-Target-Death Striking/Marrowrending.
It felt like playing Vanilla Prot Warrior all over again lol. Remember “Wait for 2 Sunders plz”? Well lemme introduce you to “Wait for 2 Blood Boils plz” lmao

How about instead of this 3% buff (or combined with it), you drastically reducing the cost of Bonestorm, moving it to be more accessible, and make it into a “core” Blood DK ability like you did with Death’s Caress?

How about changing Bonestorm to:

  • cost ~2 Bone Shield charges instead of Runic Power (so you can Death’s Caress to Bonestorm)

  • Replace Preserverance of the Ebon Blade(the D&D Vers Talent) with Bonestorm (so Bonestorm is accessible and PotEB is an anti-synergistic-Talent that needs reworked anyways)

  • Simply either delete the capstone above Shattered Bone; or maybe move Tightening Grasp(shorter Mass-Grip) to that spot (and extend the Talent lines from Grasp to Purgatory etc too) since the very few times we’d ever maybe take Tightening Grasp we’d want Shattered Bone too and they synergize well.


The damage actually feels okay.

They’re just a little on the vulnerable side.

Give prot pallies more buffs I wanna see more dk tears nvrmnd when there super op they think everything is fine.

Solid changes tbh. Keep up the good work

I love seeing buffs. Don’t care if I don’t play the classes.


Cool bananas!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:


I deeply appreciate the Elemental buff. We have been waiting for some communication and acknowledgement, so thank you devs! :smiley:

Now if you’d be so kind and also give some needed attention to the bigger struggle which is our spec talent tree. But you are very likely more aware of it than we are so I don’t have to detail it here.

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I don’t like these changes

Brewmaster is the only tank spec that’s been able to achieve a competitive rating in Solo Shuffle. Literally every other tank spec is sitting 1000+ rating behind their dps and healer counterparts. I love how every time a tank spec manages to find any degree of success it is promptly swatted down to obsolescence.

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Elemental needed these changes.

I think the tank tuning changes are… interesting.

If you look at Warcraft logs, and only at tank specs, the two lowest tanks are Blood (by a large margin) and Prot Paladin. Those are the two tanks that Blizzard has buffed. I’m not sure how strong Hammer of the Righteous is, but if you just take the Hammer of Wrath changes, Blizzard buffed Paladin by around 3% of its total damage.

This makes me think was a raid-focused tuning change, because Prot Paladin is one of the strongest tanks in Mythic+ and didn’t really need a bit more damage.

Well Blizzard has to pad the 10.0.7 patch notes some how…

You guys do know some people despise the Icefury build and these buffs are 99% going to force them to become mandatory right?

Y’all are revamping Retribution because of button bloat, but don’t see the button bloat Icefury adds by adding 2 spells you’d otherwise not use into the rotation? >_>


Lol who the eff is balancing this game? Why not just write “we hate Enhance in PVP?”


Ele button bloat? what

Enhance is not hated. Can you stop with this nonsense? Enhance has historically been a very good arena spec.

Few ppl saying prot pal is S tier, I’ve not seen a single one inthe last two weeks of running keys. All Prot War or Guardians


Where are the buffs to Devastation Evoker? We get killed so easily in Arenas

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