Class Tuning Incoming -- December 20

lol this is what you think HPal needs in PvP? Am I playing the same game?


What’s your problem to MM Hunter Blizz
You always do something to kill the spec.
Now you reduce dps on a useless ST Spec and next will remove a highly dps spell (DT).
Stop it please u’re not reading your feedback.


Tell me you don’t understand the buffs without telling me you don’t understand the buffs

PvP specific tuning to talents is good. However…

Can we please get an in-game way to see these PvP modifiers?

The more mods you add, the harder it is to understand what an ability actually does in PvP vs PvE.

Can you imagine if it was reverse?.. That tooltips showed the PvP damage/value and PvE player just had to guess?!


Lol MM hunter already lost Double tap and now this


  • Marksmanship
    • All ability damage reduced by 3%.

While rogue and DH untouch


It honestly doesnt matter. If a spec is performing well, ANY buff is not needed. EVEN a 15% crit chance on a tier set.

Its like someone at blizz actually hates hunters. I say this every expansion “mm and bm will do great first 2 weeks then fall off to nothing.” MM is already behind bm after being geared. The worst part is Hunter only has damage to rely on it has no real defense. IT has no raid utility. Why bring a hunter if you dont do great dps. Its not like all the top players have been saying this (they have). If you dont increase our other areas leave our damage high.
Also double tap removal is actually insane. One of the few buttons that feel great to press.


DH and Feral snuck under the damage nerfs again

DH Hunt still critting for 200k and BD critting for 100k with EB.

Also please tell me all those PVE changes don’t effect PVP, SPs and Aff did NOT need all of those damage buffs in PVP they are already beyond S tier.


3% nerfs to some what a joke, Doesnt even make a dent on what they are doing.


This every week please. If you just keep tweaking and we’ll get there!


rdruid buffs? what game are they playing?


lol small indie dev.

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Dude, why you panic without reading? Did you read this: Dragonflight 10.0.5 PTR Development Notes?

The tier set provides ~20% of what every other specs Tier set is providing, so give it a couple weeks and fury will shoot down in overall dps ranking.

Theyll get there turn soon, these are all REALLY good changes. Class balance has already felt pretty decent, obviously a lot of these changes will again change. But we could see complete viability for every class by the end of January.

So why is rdruid getting buffs when they’re already one of the top healers (Of the top 20 highest keys run half of them have a rdruid), they’re strong in raid too. Meanwhile rsham and MW are probably struggling the most in m+ content. MW is decent in raid but needs some love in m+, both for their mana and just dealing better with the consistently high damage everything does.


resto druid buffs thank you guys! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

but plz tell the devs to not mess with sunfire pathing pretty please. this alone funnels druids into playing a moonkin style affinity :revolving_hearts:

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PvP values are scaled from their PvE counterpart.

The Idol of Y’shaarj change is not due to PvE lol


…have you looked at the tank situation?

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they just buffed EVERY other caster, give it time before calling for nerfs