Class Tuning Incoming -- December 20

I like how warlocks got a damage increase, but only to spells that are cast which means a 0% increase in pvp! Everyone complains about locks being tanks but their damage is absolutely rubbish, no burst what so ever and all their damage is healable by dps self heals!


Those are pve changes not pvp. SMH

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Marksmanship Hunter will already not maintain as the strongest hunter spec in the raid when 4pc Tier set bonuses and Neltharax bow are acquired. Marksmanship has been the lowest simming spec for the entire previous 2 tiers, closer to Blood DK than it was to a majority of other DPS specs. And now it is nerfed when it has spent a grand total of 1 week as a competitive spec. It brings no raid utility or raid buff. It is brought SOLELY based on its tuning, and it is not oppressive.

Very frustrating to see as an MM player tbh, it was barely holding viable as it is.


Ever going to address the broken BM talents? Or is this just what we get to deal with for the entire expansion?


Guess I can roll a warrior. Need that 100% uptime


No buffs to Ret when it’s damage is being inflated by Retribution Aura, solid choice. I like the 3% nerf to the most overperforming classes when they are more than 5% ahead of the middle, your balance team must have been taught common core.


Still no tank balancing?

Brewmaster still F tier?



Thank you - i dont see any Prot :slight_smile:

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But… but… my damages… LOL. I don’t care. Whatever balances things. I’m still going to stab you.


This fury change is absolutely asinine. The tier set isn’t weak because its numerically bad. Its weak because Crushing Blow is so absurdly strong we basically want to avoid hitting Execute. Please address the problems and not the symptoms. Crushing Blow’s strength is ruining the fluidity of fury. It shouldn’t be ok to willingly overcap on rage all the time, because that is the current state of things, we would rather hit Crushing Blow than Rampage. How did this make it live?

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so Mistweaver buffs when?

Druid healing Buffed when they currently out HPS Mistweavers playing on hardmode with that crappy faeline talent? ATOM needs to be unerfed.


Shush. If we don’t mention Prot, maybe Devs will forget they exist.

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Resto druids healing getting buffed 5%+ on reset. Resto shamans and MW who are sitting in the same middle of the pack of raid hps, less representation in RWF (Liquid currently using a R druid even on Dathea) and way, way behind R Druid in m+ get nothing…

Hpal, R druid, evoker, h priest have all done 20-21 keys, highest io r shaman has done 2 17s as their max and the top MW a few 18s as their max lol. Not a single R shaman in the top 100 healers io, 1 monk, 33 R Druids. M+ truly an after thought.




yah please explain how some youtubers with family working within blizzard are able to see this and make a complete video about it before you post it here?

seems pretty damning and full of collusion. with real life money involved.

Buffing resto druid, already an S tier healer.

Nothing for the bottom specs.

Buffing Fury warrior. Already an S tier.

Nerfing the bottom specs.

Are we living in the twilight zone?!?!?!? WTF is going on?


HUGE!!! Thank you so much.

Any chance Ebon Fever can affect Blood Plauge and Frost Fever if we talent into Superstrain?

As a Fire main ty!


That oughta teach em…?

You must have made a typo and left out the Death Strike nerf reversal. Otherwise, nothing of interest here.


Havoc DH is safe.


This change is pointless, what we need is a direct upgrade to Execute instead of crit chance so we want to press it above Crushing blow.

Additionally buff Rampage and slightly lower Crushing Blows damage so we don’t keep this gameplay that incentivizes not pressing our spender.