Class Tuning Incoming -- December 13

So the idea is to nerf prot warriors into the ground again after making them not playable in shadowlands?


Fix paladins, holy and ret are suffering from terrible talent trees and lack of any decent toolkit. Survivability is dogwater, mobility is trash as always, damage is on par with other classes great I’m glad that every other class outshines pally now great job!

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To all the folks complaining about these Warrior nerfs; why? There was a very real possibility that they wouldn’t even run Defensive Stance for a lot of content so they’d be doing tons more damage while also receiving a much lesser defensive nerf than the other tanks.

This spec 100% needed some sort of adjustment.


Obviously more people support it than dont. Get out of your echo chamber.

Immediately decreases the odds of players enjoying playing tanks in Dragonflight.


Nerfs seem fine to me. Healers want to enjoy the game also ya know.

If Warrior ends up being bad again… Ill just unsub. Again it’s been nice playing Prot Warrior for the FIRST TIME since WoD. Blizz you are moving in the wrong direction. If you want people to play your game.


You really don’t want people to have fun this expansion huh? I know you are the messenger but this is a bad move. People just gonna quit.


I really doubt that.

Sorry but 1 more nerf it’s Unsub and shelving Retail. Why don’t you want Prot Warriors to have fun and enjoy the game. NO reason to hate on us. I haven’t played since WoD let me enjoy the class for just a little. Not asking for much. Especially in PvP.

Just buff ALL tanks up to Prot War and also reduce dmg in PvP.


Because healers want to heal tanks?

And mythic+ is not the only content in the game.

Your fun is ruining the fun of a whole class. Needing to depend on healers as a team is part of the tank fantasy.

So many prot warrior haters LMAO


Then do M+20s everyone should solo M0


Hi, with all due respect what players were asking for this? I have been playing a tank for 12 years in WoW and other MMO games and part of the class fantasy for me is taking on huge groups of enemies. Yes, the damage is low and it takes forever but that taking on a huge group makes you feel powerful. Soloing large groups in the open world or soloing a raid boss in old content feels amazing.

I don’t know for sure if tanks taking more damage is a solution. If entire groups are dying and the tank isn’t then isn’t that a design flaw with the encounter? If you want tanks to pull smaller groups then design dungeons around that. Something tells me you won’t do that because then the 1% of elite players and M+ people would be frustrated that they cant pull the entire dungeon to save time. Maybe dungeons are too long or have too many enemies. If it takes more than 20-25 minutes then most adults don’t have the time.

I wouldn’t mind a tank doing less damage. To me they aren’t meant to be so close to the dps in raw damage. I realize this must be hard to balance but tanks should be TANKS.

The pvp changes to Guardian seem heavy handed. When I was in a BG the other day I constantly got destroyed on my Bear. Could be I am bad (I am bad) but I have zero sense of feeling OP.


nothing for brew? that’s disappointing.

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yes we do. and nothing is more boring to me than just spamming ST heals into a tank :dracthyr_shrug:

That is not the only content in the game, and it should not be balanced around it.

To say hey you can enjoy your class fantasy fully in mythic20 is a problem don’t you agree?

Tanks hold aggro and depend on healers to stay alive. That is how it should have stayed.

I bet you more nerfs are on the way.

Than don’t be a healer.

Keeping the tank alive is part of the joys of healing, Tanks not needing healers is a problem that is getting fixed.

I think it’s a lot more fun to focus on doing damage and keeping the dps alive. Tank not having a high degree of agency over their own survival feels bad for healer and tank.


I know the main content I do is PvP and I’d like to be competitive as Prot War for the first time since WoD.

Then I won’t play lol. Not gonna play if it isn’t fun. For the first time Prot War was fun since WoD. People will just unsub if the game isn’t fun lol. So what you want is people too unsub? Sounds selfish.

Tanks were in the best spot ever going into the start of the game. Everyone was happy.