Class Tuning Incoming -- December 13

Welp… fun was detected…


So it’s only worth playing prot warrior if they are completely busted? Not because you enjoy the spec? They can be fun to play and semi balanced at the same time. They were also totally busted for 3 Seasons of BFA and Blizzard did nothing to bring them in line. Prot warriors are completely out of line right now and need to be tuned sooner than later. People have been trying to bring them to Blizzards attention since early beta. Buff and nerf the outliers is what Blizz should be doing right now. Prot warrior is an outlier.

If you as unhappy

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Simple as that. Vote with your wallet but you won’t coz you know this tiny bitter nerf won’t do a thing. Again don’t like the change quit is simple as that.

Don’t worry they turn a new leaf and will listen to us, surely! lmao…

They aren’t busted. S tier isn’t busted. It’s just S tier. Can we have just 1 win in the last 7 years thanks.

I only play Prot and I haven’t played it since WoD. I don’t enjoy when their design is bad and they are terrible. Currently Prot is in a good spot. Their design is back and are fun to play again.

I do think some Tanks need some buffs though. Especially Brew. However to want to ruin other specs especially ones that haven’t had their moment in the sun for many years just seems selfish. That’s all.

In fairness, Fire is a dead spec currently, in PVP. This wont even fix it.

Prot warrior was brokenly strong for 3 of the 4 seasons of BFA.

When you take less damage than some other tanks while in B stance then something is wrong.

Nobody is talking about ruining warrior. They do need heavy tuning changes to be brought in line.

Again, beyond busted for 3 seasons of BFA. That was not 7 years ago. Just because prot warriors were disappointing in SL does not mean they should be in the state they are in now.

Its the kit not the numbers, any class can easily push past M20 but to play one single build for 2 years with no other option is a reroll.

Abomb how do you feel about Shield Charge getting hit? I started a Prot War based on your guide so I’m just seeking a better insight of how you think that affects the spec. Thanks.

You are living somewhere strange if Prots current design is not busted to you. Its beyond busted. Prot was a fine spec in BFA, it was better than people gave it credit for in slands. If you like the class like youre stating and not because its busted then try hanging around it when it rotates out of meta.

It’s finally worth playing again. Sorry but they aren’t overtuned at all. I’d buff a few things. Most tanks need buffs and this was the wrong direction of changes.

That is when I shelved my Prot War for good, was in a terrible spot and lost in design. I had to switch to Prot Pal in BFA skipped SL cause it was trash expansion and now get to finally dust off my Main again.

Feels good to finally play Prot War again after so many years. Their design is in a good spot. Has that feel of Wrath/WoD.

Not only that my buddy that plays Prot and hasn’t since WoD has come back as well. Let us enjoy the game again finally.

I’ve answered these questions over there on the warrior forums in that guide AMA.

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Warriors in WoD and Wrath couldnt solo dungeon bosses that drop gear higher ilvl than they are wearing lol.

We’ve updated the OP with the following additional changes that will go live tomorrow.


  • Protection
    • Demoralizing Shout now reduces damage taken by 20% (was 25%).
    • Ignore Pain now ignores 50% of damage taken (was 55%).

yeah but where are the resto shaman buffs? cmon guys you are asleep at the wheel with healer tuning.


In other words…

“Hey we see a LOT of people hate this change, so we decided to pull the Blizzard™ special and double down on it. Hope you guys enjoy it. We know you will and if you don’t… Well that sucks we got your $75 anyways.”


Revert Death Strike Nerf.

Nerf Spell Warden.

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what about rolling back monk nerfs?

yall are insane for what youve done to BRM


Revert Death Strike Nerf.

Nerf Spell Warden.

Revert monk nerf

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A start but still not enough. Nerf shield block. Keep the other nerfs for warrior. Leave other tanks alone. Especially Brew.