Class Tuning Incoming -- December 13

that wasnt needed for BM Monks. we were already the weakest tank.


Stop the cap

One day until the balance gauntlet begins. Buckle up!

Wait what?! people tank with monks O.o

They need to be more moderate & sensible with their nerfs. They outright disabled guardian druids in pvp. The class no longer exists.

I mean, I was sick of one-shotting everyone anyways. Buff rapid fire

I mean I’m still gonna play a tank. And probably still be brew master because I enjoy the spec. But oof them healers better gird their loins lol

Patch notes could have just come right out and said “guardian will no longer be able to enter queued PvP content”, and had the same effect.

I enjoyed early SL rated BGs as a guardian, but I probably won’t even touch PvP this expansion after they gutted guardian, but left prot warrior. untouched in PvP.

Of course they barely touched prot warrior in PvE either. It’s wild how busted they are.

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Then this change will not affect you what’s so ever maybe if you are pushing +20 in the first week then yes or is doing world first. Otherwise this tiny bitter nerf won’t even do a thing. Heck you most likely won’t notice it at all.

If you want to blame someone blame yourself and all the tanks pulling like a madman not giving a fig about their party and be a one man army kitting and killing every single mob with the tank while every dps and healer is lagging behind or worse they kept dying coz tank didn’t pull some straggers mobs and dps/heal aggro by accident and the tank is too far away to notice what is happening.

I’ll be pushing 20 on the first day. And it will affect everyone not just super high key pushers.

Also it’s not the tanks fault you all sucks and can’t keep up or manage to stay alive in a m0

Please stop the cap


In which groups and with what kind of people do you play? What you mention only happens in lfg and it’s absurd to do a nerf looking at what happens in lfg and yes, that change affects a lot and if you don’t notice it, it’s because you’ve never made a key higher than 20 and probably not even 20!

The only tank that needs an absolute massive heavy handed nerf is prot warrior right now. They are more tanky in battle stance than others. This is wrong. This will amount to a 5% damage nerf for warriors and closer to 11% to 12% for other tanks.

Blizzard has been warned about prot warriors since at least early beta and let it go. It’s apparant to me that someone with authority is a prot main and/or convincing enough that the spec doesn’t need to be nuked from orbit. While bringing every other tank down harder.

Brew is so squishy already they actually needed a 10% BUFF. Not Nerf…

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I’ve never seen a brew solo anything lol why did they get nerfed aren’t they like the only tank that basically has no constant self healing?
Now prot warrior though…

Warrs don’t use defensive stance at all times.

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Blizzard is going to stay silent on something the community hates because they lack the ability to stay out of their own way. Once people step into actual keys/raid this nerf is going to be exposed for the stupidity that is is.


WW has a counter though :frowning:

Healers are in for a real treat in m+. Wonder how long before the exodus or complaints will take. Blizzard ignored tank feedback during the entire beta. Don’t expect them to start now.


they dont balance around fighting 3 morons

I haven’t played my Prot War main since WoD. Can Prot Wars have 1 expansion where they are fun and worth playing again? Is that asking too much? It’s okay if Prot War is S tier for once and has a great tool kit. I thought waiting since 2016 to play Prot War again has been long enough? Give us a break thanks.

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Please. Can’t we see what it’s like before all of the doom and gloom? Balancing will always be done. Sometimes it’s not as dramatic as everyone makes it sound.